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June 3, 2021

Keep warm by the fire with a winemaker every Friday this winter

The Fruitful Pursuit is reviving its Heartwarmer series every Friday night this winter, hosting a casual stand-up tasting with a new winemaker every week at The Olivia Hotel.

On a chilled Wednesday afternoon, the fireplace was going at The Olivia Hotel as CityMag sits with proprietor Simon Schumann and The Fruitful Pursuit’s James Hopkins.


The Fruitful Pusuit’s Heartwarmer series
6pm every Friday
The Olivia Hotel
170 Hutt Street, Adelaide 5000
Tickets and more info

It’s been a cold autumn, and the warmth in the front room of the venue was a comforting welcome into winter.

James and Simon have partnered to bring about a similarly comfy winter wine series, called Heartwarmer.

This is a concept James first introduced in 2018, with the idea of leading the community he has built through The Fruitful Pursuit through small venues in Adelaide with a wine focus.

The Olivia Hotel felt like a perfect home for the concept over the coming winter months.

“It was really inspired by the space in this instance, because this place is incredibly cosy and homely and has exactly the right feel that we were looking for, to do something on a Friday night,” he says.

“The first time that I walked in here and looked down that corridor at the old vine that’s taken over the structure of the building, it’s about the history of this site.”

Simon has experienced The Fruitful Pursuit’s small-scale wine events in the past, and was only too happy to lend his venue to the series.

“I’d gone and done tastings with Brave New Wine, hosted by The Fruitful Pursuit, and seen [James’] hospitality,” Simon says.

“Being Adelaide, the ones that are there to support the industry and are passionate and drink lots of wine,” he laughs, “stand out.”

Simon and James do enjoy wine


The first Heartwarmer session is happening this Friday, 4 June, and features WA’s L.A.S Vino. The gathering will return every Friday night throughout winter, with a different winemaker in tow.

Kicking off at 6pm, Heartwarmer will be a stand-up tasting next to the fireplace, with each winemaker offering tastings through a range of bottles. In Addition to access to the wines, the entry price will also get you a house-made toasty.

“Simon and I will have a discussion about the nature of the producers, and as opposed to pairing it with to the wines, we might pair it to the character of the producer,” he says.

When the tasting concludes at 8pm, the wines on show will be available for purchase over the bar both by the glass and by the bottle.


James hopes the event becomes a sure-fire Friday night knock-off experience, and one which allows fans of progressive winemakers to check in with some of their favourite makers.

“They’re all cheery, warm-souled individuals,” James says.

“For us, Heartwarmer is a means of connecting with a lot of producers who we have lacked the contact with.

“Larger events, as fun as they are, you’ve got all these people in the one space at the one time, and you lose a little bit of that connection, because there’s so much happening.

“This is a very concentrated, thick, syrupy dose of what The Fruitful Pursuit is about.”

For tickets and to see the full winter lineup, visit The Fruitful Pursuit’s website.

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