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August 22, 2017

Just one thing… at Sunny’s Asian Street Food

Not the Sunny's on Solomon.

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  • Words: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

As a CityMag reader, you’d be forgiven for thinking of pizza when we mention the name ‘Sunny’s.’ We have talked about them a bit.


Find Sunny’s Shop at 106b Prospect Road, Prospect. They are open from 11am-8.30pm Monday to Saturday.

However, today we’re talking about a Sunny’s of a different kind – the Asian street food kind.

It’s hard to miss Sunny’s on Prospect Road. Whether you walk, ride, skate, or drive by it, heads can’t help but turn. The shop front is starkly different to those surrounding it: pink, ramshackle (on purpose), and full of personality. Kind of like something you’d see in Vietnam or Thailand

Walk inside, or down the laneway, or head to the back of the property, and there’s only more personality too.

Owner, Aaron Ratanatray, says it’s a purposeful thing. Every week something is added to the space – be it a plate hanging from a wall, a cabinet full of old cigarettes from Thailand, or an exit sign.

This time around, our Just One Thing went against the advice of both the owner and their in-house photographer.

They said laksa, we said no. Order the roast pork rice bowl with crackling instead.

The dish is served with a generous mound of white rice, a refreshing and tangy asian salad with beans, and a decent size portion of pork topped with the most mouth watering crackling you can find on the outer rim of the Adelaide CBD.

The meat is cooked fresh daily and is bought from a local Vietnamese supplier, Lucky Star Supermarket.

Sometimes pork can have that weird pungent taste when it’s a bit old, you know? But there’s none of that here. It’s as fresh and tasty as the pork our Grandma makes on Christmas Eve. Tastier even.

Please don’t tell her.

We put a lot of chilli on our meal this time around. Probably too much, so maybe don’t follow our footsteps in that regard. Luckily, we paired our lunch with a fresh juice, which helped keep the sweats at bay. We drank the Tropic Thunder, which contains watermelon, pineapple, apple, cucumber, mint, and a delicious fruit salad arrangement on top.

Though the weather constrained us to the inside seating, on a typical day, patrons are seated all the way around the shop, out front, down the neighbouring alleyway, and in the garden out back. And soon, maybe in a few weeks should the council permit, Sunny’s will be opening up more undercover seating space in the space next door.

So really, it’s a place to eat that one thing, but it’s also a place to watch as well.

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