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October 27, 2016

Just One Thing… at United Latino Cocina

Your guide to Adelaide's lesser-known, must try menu items.

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  • Guide: Amelia Radman
  • Story: Josh Fanning

Do you have fond memories of summer by the beach – with fish and chips and a deep fried pineapple ring?


United Latino Cocina
14-16 Francis St,
Adelaide SA 5000

Mon-Thu: 8am – 4pm
Fri: 8am – 9pm
Sat: 10:30am – 4pm

Maybe that’s just us. But it’s relevant to today’s pick for Just One Thing – The Fish Taco from United Latino Cocina.


A true test of our resolve, the menu – created by Chef Greggory – is as fresh today as it was when the restaurant opened and we want you to know that deciding on just one thing at ULC was difficult. In fact, we should be honest. We always order TWO of this particular Just One Thing (por que no los dos?)

Nothing sums up the fresh and interesting flavours of ULC quite so well as the Frickin’ Fish Taco. Lightly battered and quick fried morsels of flakey fish are joined in the authentic corn tortilla a by a Mexican-style slaw featuring juicy-sweet pineapple and that cornerstone of the cuisine – Baja seasoning.

Eating this dish always, always makes us do the “happy food dance” in our seat. Biting into the soft and squishy parcel, hitting the crunch of the fish and the tangy flavour of your chosen salsa picante is such an enveloping experience that you’ll be having visions of Central America’s coastline in no time.


The Chicken Salad is also incredible


While choosing drinks based purely on packaging design, our host at ULC filled us in on Sidral Mundet – the artificially flavoured apple soda that mothers give to children with upset tummies in Mexico.

Apparently, some years back, the company went bankrupt and was bailed out by its employees and is, still today, 100% employee owned and operated under a co-op banner.

It’s this informal education, which defines great dining experiences in Adelaide. Our host, a young Mexican, has been in South Australia a little over a year now and when asked whether she was planning to stay, she answered – “of course! Adelaide’s home now.”

¡Vive México. Vive Adélaide!


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