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October 10, 2016

Just one thing… at Hey Jupiter

And it's not the pork belly sandwich.

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  • Guide: Amelia Radman
  • Story: Joshua Fanning

Today we make our way to the little café that could – Hey Jupiter.

The café’s evolution since it opened in 2010 has been on par with the likes of Facebook; each week it feels like Christophe Zauner and Jacqui Lodge(owners of Hey Jupiter) have added a little something extra to the menu, or the plate, or even the building – as the green wall and tiles can attest.


Hey Jupiter
11 Ebenezer Place
Adelaide SA

Open seven days
Mon-Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 4pm

Of course not everything is changing all the time. Some things have been standard from the start – like Christophe’s position as the maître d’.

Upon arrival, if unfamiliar with proceedings, Christophe will quickly usher you to a seat on the terrace and manoeuvre you from one table to another should you accidentally choose your own (incorrect) position. Drink orders are taken as the menu is delivered and a quick-fire overview of the fresh-squeezed and changing roster of juices will be supplied upon request.


The menu, though lovingly designed, takes some navigating. However, a quick look at the sign inside will reveal a healthy quotient of pork belly sold since opening. Without a doubt the pork belly sandwich is the most famous item on the menu; with each and every kilogram counted and updated on the subway tiled-wall of the tiny kitchen daily.

But we’re not here to have the most famous and incredibly delicious item on the menu.

If you’ve got to have just one thing at Hey Jupiter, we believe it should be the one thing that takes the longest to eat so that you can truly manifest the laisez faire attitude of the French at brunch.

For the true Hey Jupiter experience you must order the continental breakfast.


The set up – background Great Dane optional, but recommended

Soft-boiled free-range Clare Valley egg. Tick.
Toast. Tick.
Croissant. Tick.
Cultured butter. Tick.
Ham. Tick.
Heidi Tilsit & Bonne Maman Jams. Tick.

Delicious? Tick!

A completely compartmentalised plate of delicious to be exact. The presentation of the dish is a hint at how to eat the meal – which can be overwhelming for your first time. And there’s many different ways to tackle the plate in front of you.

We advise to add a coffee and a fresh juice as a way to start, as this appends just $7 to the bill.

Next: Get your egg out of the shell ASAP. That bad boy is quite possibly still cooking in that armour, so crack on and scoop out.

No matter whether you go for toast or baguette, you need to be reaching for the truffle salt as soon as you’ve spread the gooey, golden centre of your egg on its bed. The little shaker jar of truffle salt, which only comes when you order the continental breakfast, is the true secret to Hey Jupiter. As decadent and delicious as it sounds, truffle salt on a soft boiled egg spread over a crunchy piece of toast is a reason to live.citymag-hey-jupiter-jot-5

And once the initial excitement begins to settle thanks to sated (and salted) senses, you can begin to truly relax on the southern side of Ebenezer Place, and – doused in sun from the north – you will feel time begin to slow.

Hey Jupiter is great for a weekday lunch and that’s where the sandwich selection shines. However, a continental breakfast on a Saturday, with a fine newsprint publication or two, a pastis or two, and a dog (or two) by your side is pretty much perfect.



Signs of a nice time.

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