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January 21, 2016

Bagels be gone

There may be more room for you in the refurbished Monday's Coffee Store — but there's no room for compromise.

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  • Words and pictures: Joshua Fanning

Jarrad Sharrock kept himself busy over summer.

The specialty coffee store on Gawler Place has had a re-think — gone is the somewhat awkward bench/table set up, replaced with the more conventional ‘table-and-stools’ set up you may be familiar with. It’s not revolutionary but it works.

The counter is still there, the free bubbly water is still waiting for you upon arrival and, importantly, the oh-so-luxurious 4th market ceramic cup and saucer combo remains intact.

Of course a furniture rejig and some new old bricks aren’t cause for coverage alone. There’s much bigger news in that one of our favourite bagel destinations of 2015 has kissed the round-bread-roll-with-a-hole goodbye in 2016. Bagels were so last year.

Due to rising study committments and exhaustive demand, the small batch bagel producer Isabella Marovich has ceased producing her top notch product.

“When we started ordering bagels off Bella, we were ordering around 50-60 per week,” says Jarrad. “By the end we were up close to 150 bagels a week.”

Convinced Bella’s bagels were the best, Jarrad was unwilling to compromise and has therefore revised the Monday’s menu completely.

What’s in store for the hungry CityMager is a still-simple list of staples — albeit with a twist. While you can add salmon or prosciutto to your poached eggs at breakfast, lunch is conspicuously meat-free.

Instead, Jarrod has opted for a bright, pickled and spiced menu of Jamaican jerked carrots and buckwheat noodle bowls.

And it’s going down well with customers.

“It should potentially be our slowest period of the year,” says Jarrad, “but business is up by about 25% overall.”

By all appearances it looks like Jarrad and the crew at Monday’s are going to be busy well beyond summer.

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