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February 24, 2016

Introducing Molly Rose Brewing

Nic Sandery is bringing a new craft brewery to Adelaide, but not before he gets some tips from the best small batch beer cultures across the world.

  • Words: Farrin Foster
  • Picture: Amanda Santa Maria

Even after working in what is undoubtedly high on a lot of “dream job” lists – as a brewer for the likes of Stone & Wood and Holgate Brewhouse – Nic Sandery has some unfulfilled ambitions.


You can follow Nic’s global journey and find out more about Molly Rose Brewing at the website, and you can find the Pozible campaign here.

The Adelaide-born beer professional wants the chance to create brews entirely of his own making.

“Making beer is fantastic and working in the brewing industry is amazing,” says Nic. “But the dream to have your own brand and make your own beer and guide the whole brand from start to finish is something a lot of people want to do in any industry.”

So, Nic is going to launch his own beer brand – Molly Rose Brewing. Despite the fact he’s currently based in Melbourne and has previously worked in Byron Bay and Perth, he’ll be returning to his home town of Adelaide to set-up the business.

“I didn’t really feel like I had the authenticity to open a brewery in Melbourne,” says Nic. “I grew up in South Australia, spent most of my life there and I consider that my home. I connect with the food and drink that’s already there.’

His product, though, will be informed by flavours, style and beer cultures from around the globe.

Nic is taking his research seriously, and will soon be embarking on a round-the-world journey to visit brewing centres across the globe. He has a three month trip planned that will take in everything from the fast-rising craft beer culture in Japan, to the well-established industry centres in the USA and the super-traditional methods in Europe.

The trip has dual purpose – firstly, to inform Nic’s beer-making, but secondly to take potential customers along with him as he develops ideas for Molly Rose.

“The whole idea of the trip was to try to bring back different aspects of beer culture from around the world,” says Nic.

“I’m hoping to record all of it on the blog and take heaps of photos so everyone in Australia can see those different cultures. Then when I come back and launch Molly Rose I’ll try and incorporate aspects of that into what I do.”

While Nic’s thoughts about what makes a Molly Rose beer will certainly evolve and develop over the next few months, he does have one clear aim – to make beer that is drinkable and enjoyable, rather than obscure.

“All beers for Molly Rose will be approachable and session-able, which are terms that are thrown around a lot,” says Nic. “But I want everybody to be able to enjoy the beer, whether you’re a huge craft beer lover, an entry level beer drinker or you just like Coopers Pale or something like West End.”

Currently, a Pozible campaign is underway to help Nic raise money to buy a laptop and other gear that will help him document his travels and beam his experiences back to beer lovers in Australia. Once he returns from overseas, Nic will immediately be looking to brew his first style of beer on other people’s equipment, with the hope of releasing it before the end of 2016.

Building a brewery of his own, complete with attached tasting room, is a goal for 2017 – but one we’ll be keeping a close eye on.

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