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January 24, 2020

Introducing Boy & Bloom on Flinders Street

The former Deli on Flinders has changed hands and gained a refreshed offering (featuring Dawn Patrol Coffee) and a new moniker: Boy and Bloom.

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  • Words and pictures: Jess Bassano

After three years as sandwich bar Deli on Flinders, the space at 88 Flinders Street quietly changed hands in mid-2019 before officially rebranding as Boy and Bloom earlier this month.


Boy and Bloom
88 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000
Mon-Fri: 7am ’til 4pm


The new cafe is the product of new owners Jess Osborne and Michael Morphett, who are living the Millennial dream (at least according to this reporter).

The pair have traded their plans to buy a house for a life of cold drip coffee and avocado toast on tap.


Sitting on the corner of Wyatt and Flinders streets, the café greets us with large glass windows exposing the inside of the building, filling the space with mid-morning light.

A long 90-seater interior is divided into two spaces. At the front, there’s a coffee counter designed for those looking for their caffeine fix on the run, while a room at the back of the café provides plenty of seating.

There are walls of black and white and stainless-steel countertops. A white subway tile splashback sits opposite a rustic-style wooden coffee bar.

The fit out was a measured process, which Michael says took place during the last six months.

The menu, too, has been gradually updated.

“The first thing we did was change the coffee. We’re serving Dawn Patrol coffee,” Michael says.

“We do a wicked cold brew and a batch brew as well.

“I’ve worked with the two guys who run [Dawn Patrol, Dom Ossa and Nick Suggit] in the past and they’re really kind people – and their coffee is just delicious. Their coffee comes in big tins, which we give back to them and they refill them. They don’t like using plastic bags or anything being wasted.”

The menu has moved from a sandwich-heavy selection, without losing its roots. Instead of subs, an array of tasty breakfast and lunch dishes such as smashed avocado on rye with spinach and mushrooms, and a breakfast burrito with house-made beans, cheese, jalapeños and side of corn chips are the heroes.

“It’s surprising how many people love a good fresh sandwich, but it wasn’t us and it wasn’t what we love doing,” Jess says.

“We’re big brunch people – we love going out for brunch.

“But sometimes you just want the basics. You just want to be able to get some toast with avo and some mushrooms or … just get bacon and eggs, and then add your sides. Sometimes you’ve just got to get back to the basics and do them really well.”

L-R: Boy & Bloom owners Michael Morphett and Jess Osborne


While many others in our financially beleaguered demographic are dedicating their time, energy and finances to build (or buy) a home, Jess and Michael have decided to instead build a business.

“We always thought, you’ve got to get the house and then you’ll work towards the business. But, when the business presented itself to us, we realised we can do the business first,” Jess says.

“We just thought it was too perfect to let go. We already knew the customers and we’ve kept a lot of the old customers, as well as adding new ones.”

He says they were also heavily influenced by the prospect of being in control of their own careers.

“I was at the point where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, because I was working for someone else,” Jess says.

“When you’re working for someone else, it’s always someone else’s ideas … And you’re working really hard and don’t really have much to show for it.”

Boy and Bloom is located at the corner of Flinders and Wyatt streets and opens Monday to Friday from 7am ’til 4pm.

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