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September 17, 2020

Introducing Barrio Eatery: Argentinian street food by the beach from two 2KW chefs

By the end of the month, husband and wife team Trent Lymn and Cecilia Teigeiro will open an Argentinian street food canteen in Grange.

  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

In a small bank of shops along Seaview Road in Grange, chefs Cecilia Teigeiro and Trent Lymn will next week launch Barrio Eatery, an Argentinian street food canteen.

The duo currently works together at 2KW, where Trent is executive chef and Cecilia is a pastry chef, but they’ve been looking to start their own venture since returning to Adelaide five years ago.


Barrio Eatery
586 Seaview Road, Grange 5022
Wed—Sun: 7am ’til 9pm

Launching by the end of September.


Barrio will offer a range of Latin American street food fare, and will draw heavily from Cecilia’s Argentinian heritage.

“Barrio means neighbourhood in Spanish, so that’s a little bit of our idea, to be your local, to work with your community,” she explains.

“There will be tacos, empanadas, something easy and tasty and zingy and vibrant and fun. That’s what we’re going for.”

“Because Ceci’s the dessert queen at 2KW, we’re doing hand-made churros, donuts,” Trent continues.

“We’re going to have ice-cream sandwiches and ice blocks as well. We’ll have stuff for the kids, because there’s a lot of kids in the area,” Cecilia says.

There will also be a small café offering, with D’Angelo coffee and a small range of sweets.

In addition to this, Barrio will serve dishes like chivito – a Uruguayan steak sandwich, and Cecilia and Trent are also working with Ellis Butchers to produce an Argentinian chorizo, which they will use for Barrio’s choripan – a traditional Argentinian chorizo sandwich.

“What we’ve done is we’ve come up with a concept to fit the location,” Trent says.

“When we found this location and we saw the view, because it was a takeaway place before, we thought that the best option was to keep going with that.

“So we’re going to focus on takeaway, but ultimately we’d love people to sit down and be able to eat.”

“It’s street food done by chefs. That’s the twist on it,” says Cecilia.

“So we’re going to highlight the product and use real products. We’re doing everything ourselves. The only thing we’re going to get frozen is the chips. Everything else we do ourselves.”

Barrio will likely launch by the end of the month. Trent tells us he’s working to a tentative timeline of opening next week, but cautions us not to hold him to it.

Once Barrio Eatery is established, Cecilia, who will be leaving her post at 2KW to work in the shop full-time, will develop a range of house-made sauces and condiments under the Barrio name.

Both Trent and Cecilia have cheffed on an international scale. They met in the London hospitality scene, before moving to Argentina to open a café of their own, which garnered a cult status amongst its clientele for its baked goods – despite the duo being constrained by the shop’s two domestic electric ovens and cooktops.

After returning to Trent’s home city of Adelaide, Trent took a job at 2KW and Cecilia worked at Sean’s Kitchen, 303 by the Sea, and then joined Trent at the rooftop bar and restaurant.

The couple and their two daughters live only five minutes up the road from Barrio Eatery, and they’re excited to contribute something new to their local area – including employment.

“We’re looking for juniors to train and bring up into the hospitality scene in a good way, in a fun way,” Trent says.

“We’ve found that the people we’re really interested in are really local kids, just come out of high school, they’re looking for a job, they’re living in the area, they know everyone in the community, and it comes back to that neighbourhood spirit a little bit.

“[We want] to sit well in the neighbourhood as a family kind of takeaway place. We’ve tried to cater for the kids and the parents and everyone.

“Everyone can come up from the beach and grab tacos and then go back to the beach. So a relaxed and vibrant place where people can come and eat.”

Barrio Eatery will operate Wednesday to Sunday 7am ‘til 9pm. Stay up to date with the project by following Barrio on Facebook and Instagram.

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