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July 6, 2022

Imperial Measures’ first gin release in four years deserves a party

To celebrate the release of Ounce Gin Bright, Imperial Measures Distilling is converting its warehouse into a wintery Christmas cave, serving up cocktails, food and a roster of bands, headlined by Wanderers.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Talis Heggart

It’s a rare day when Imperial Measures Distilling adds to its core range of gins.


Imperial Measures Distilling’s Christmas in July
Saturday, 23 July
Imperial Measures Distilling
31 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton 5031
Tickets and more info

The brand launched in 2015 with Signature, a new-world take on the spirit with a softer juniper influence, and then expanded the family with Bold in 2018, which is a more traditional, juniper-forward expression.

In April this year, IMD rolled out Bright, its third core gin and an additional “element of balance” within the business’ portfolio, says co-founder David Danby.

“It sits smack-bang in between Signature and Bold – Signature being soft, rich, round citrus spice; and Bold being big, punchy, herbal, juniper-forward,” Danby says.

“This one sits in the middle, being still a good volume of juniper in there, but more elegant, clean, crisp, fresh, bright.”

Bright is the cleaner, crisper, fresher and more elegant sibling (just like you)


Imperial Measures is not immune to the frenetic pace of new releases seen elsewhere in the spirits industry. They’ve launched seasonal liqueurs, Mandeaux and Cerise, their core-range bitter Ruby, and they’ve had a hand in a couple of Pirate Life beer collabs.

But, to Danby, adding to the core gin range requires proper consideration, which, he says, Ounce diehards appreciate.

“We’ve built our core range slowly but very thoughtfully,” he says.

“If we’re going to do something, it’s very much on purpose. We want the product to have longevity in the market, and it’s got to hit the mark, otherwise people go, ‘Oh yeah, it’s ok. Meh’, and then move onto the next thing.

“Because we don’t drop them regularly, I think there was a lot of excitement behind our new release, and that’s definitely shown in sales interstate and here.”


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Ounce Gin Bright hitting shelves is a special occasion, then, and one Danby and the IMD team plan on celebrating in a big way.

IMD + Fever-Tree promises a good time


On Saturday, 23 July, the distillery is being shifted around to accommodate IMD’s Christmas in July party. The warehouse will be decked out in yuletide paraphernalia (Christmas tree pending, but Santa booked in for the occasion), with a range of drink specials programmed.

There will be the Ounce Gin Bright with Fever-Tree Wild Raspberry, which IMD marketing manager Simon Buckley describes as the “headline” imbibe (Fever-Tree is partnering in the event), as well as some winter-specific drinks, like eggnog and mulled wine.

The Ounce Bar’s own chef, Elliott Kagi, will put on a selection of burgers, including vegan, vegetarian and Christmas-themed options (the latter a lesser-known dietary restriction).

Where the gin company is being most ambitious, though, is in its music programming. There will be five local acts on the bill: Lucas Day, Alright Psycho, Don’t Bring Stacey, Dojo Rise, and soul-inflected alt-rock outfit Wanderers on as headliners.

IMD’s Ounce Bar, the hospitality offering connected to the production warehouse, hosts music every Sunday, and it’s a point of pride for Danby to have continued to support Adelaide’s music scene right throughout the last two years.

“It was about the consistency of it for the industry, and we have a wonderful lineup of people who rotate through the venue… and [this lineup has] bred from that,” he says.

“These big events really do humble you a little bit… The last one we did, we had Venice Queens play, and sitting here, all the lights off and them just going berserk, you’re like, ‘Sweet, this is my warehouse’,” he laughs.

To experience Ounce Bright in its natural habitat and enjoy an evening of great local music, booze and food, grab a ticket at the event page.

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