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June 7, 2023

House of George makes Mediterranean fun again

So long, Yiasou George. House of George is now open, with head chef Savannah Sexton finding new ways to make a Mediterranean menu surprising and exciting.

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  • Words: Claudia Dichiera
  • Pictures: Supplied

Head Chef Savannah Saxton told CityMag in mid-May the menu at House of George would be ever-changing to keep up with the constantly evolving seasonal produce.


House of George
Cnr East Terrace & Vardon Avenue, Adelaide 5000
Wed—Sun: 5:30pm ’til late


This means each menu is an encapsulation of the freshest ingredients picked at their best.

“The second it’s not available to harvest anymore… that’s [when] it comes off the menu and we pick something else that’s… at its prime,” Sav says.

The first edition of House of George has a menu featuring Akoya oysters, smoked whiting and baby tiropita for starters.

Yiasou George fans should not fear. The Margra lamb rump is the current menu’s homage to the earlier restaurant.

Lamb in its salting process


Other items listed under ‘Bigs’ include the daily fish, covered in burnt butter with a smoky yet sweet charred grape addition (pictured in the slider above).

The showstopper is the Scot of the South scotch fillet, matched with George’s mustard. An upfront cumin flavour makes the mustard a perfect balance against the heavy protein.

Further tribute to George’s original Greek roots are showcased through the wood-fired pita, paired with eel taramasalata and white bean hummus.


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While Yiasou launched with a wood-fire oven, Sav has introduced additional charcoal cooking pits, levelling up the influence of flame on the food.

“There will be influences from kind of the greater Mediterranean,” Sav says.

“The focus [will] be the seasons and the fire.”

Oh pita, thank God you’re here


House of George’s menu is broadly appealing – intentionally so – and Sav is exactly the chef to take the Mediterranean concept and create something that will keep curious gourmands interested.

As Sav comes from a cheese making background and moved from Brisbane to Adelaide to work at Good Gilbert, they say cooking has been constant in their life.

“Cooking has always been at the centre of our family and at our home,” Sav says.

“It was always something really constant in my home growing up and… it was loved as soon as I was able to.”

You can now taste the menu for yourself. House of George is located at the corner of East Terrace and Vardon Avenue. The restaurant opens Wednesday to Sunday from 5:30pm ’til late.

Connect with the business on Instagram, or visit the website for more information.

Sav working their magic

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