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September 24, 2015

Home Grain Bakery with Elaine Cheng

Elaine Cheng and her sketchbook take a trip south and find Home Grain Bakery - a corner shop bringing the love and care back to the humble sausage roll.

  • Words and illustrations: Elaine Cheng

For a long time, I avoided visiting local Aussie bakeries – simply because a majority of them look like they’ve seen better days. Home Grain Bakery has brought heart and soul back into these local shops. Whether you’re looking for a simple vanilla slice or a fancy gourmet pie, these guys have taken the time and energy to make everything just right.


To see more of Elaine’s illustration and read more of her articles visit her blog – Fill Me In.

Visit Home Grain Bakery at 13 Old Coach Rd, Aldinga or at their McLaren Flat store – 33 Main Rd, Mclaren Flat. A new location in Mt Compass is opening soon.

While you’re there, Elaine recommends you try the vanilla slice, sausage roll (Toff’s Favourite), frangipane tart (Cara’s Favourite), all the pies, cheesecake, eclairs and spanakopita.

It’s incredible how much difference one delicious bakery can make by setting themselves up in a once empty area. Now there’s a fashion house across the road, and a quality local grocer next door. Mornings and weekends, the streets are bustling with activity. Cara and Toff have brightened up our local community in so many ways.

If you’re ever down South, make this bakery your next stop. You won’t regret it.



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