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November 15, 2018

GANG GANG is going bricks and mortar

The busiest Asian fusion burger pop-up in the game, GANG GANG will soon be splitting its time between events and a new permanent location in Unley.

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  • Words: Geena Ho

CityMag sits with Nina Hadinata and Morgen Wynn, owners and operators of Asian fusion burger pop up, Gang Gang, after the pair’s jam-packed weekend appearing at Handpicked Festival, where their new food trailer concept launched, and RNB Fridays Live.

It’s straight back to business for the duo, who are taking time away from prepping for their regular Plant 4 stall and their upcoming appearance at Bowerbird from 23-25 November to chat with us.

Though undoubtedly exhausted, Nina and Morgen laugh while describing how they achieved the massive feat of pulling off two big consecutive events. Having started from a small pop-up in the Adelaide Central Markets, the two have come a long way since hauling eskies from their Barina by themselves.

“Yeah, at the beginning, it was cool to just be doing it and we just didn’t think it was going to move as fast as it has but we thought, ‘You know what? Let’s do this!” Nina says.

With menu items like the Cardi B and Spice Girls burgers (two of their bestsellers), Morgen’s background as a deejay is clearly evident in the business, and this has come to be a defining characteristic of their brand.

“It started from me doing deejay work at home when Nina was first doing the menu,” Morgen recalls.

“It’s always fun when we add something to the menu ‘cause we’ll do polls on Instagram. We even had a poll with our trailer so now our trailer’s called Trailer Swift.”

Spice Girl.


In addition to Bowerbird Design Market, GANG GANG will also be the food vendor at the Riverbank pop-up pontoon party house Archie’s Clubhouse from 16 November, and the pair has also secured their very first bricks-and-mortar shopfront.

“Come January, we’ll have a location,” Morgen says.

“It’ll be like to-go coffee, to-go breakfast, and then burgers will come in, too,” Nina says. “So we’re gonna be focusing more on the brunch side of things for the weekend. ‘Cause it’s outdoors, it’s gonna be so great in the summer.”

Though notably excited about their first permanent location, both maintain pop-up was always the right way for GANG GANG to start.

“With pop-ups, you get to meet all different clients. All the customers are different. So it’s really nice to be able to form those relationships prior to committing to something as big as a brick and mortar,” Nina says.

“And, I mean, I can only imagine the difference of what a shop would have been like if we opened when we first started to how it is now,” Morgen adds. “There’s so much stuff that we’ve just got down to a T now. It just makes more sense to us now to open.

“It’s been a crazy year but we’ve just kept our heads down. We’re onto something good, so we’ve kind of just been rolling with it.”

GANG GANG’s next appearance will be at the Bowerbird Design Market at the Adelaide Showground 23-25 November, and Cardi B Chicken Burger fans can look forward to the Duthy Street shopfront opening early next year.

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