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April 17, 2024

‘Flavour boom’ as a fast, casual Greek joint hits the city

From the previous owner of Meze Mazi comes Dino's, with a different dine-in take on Greek takeaway.

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  • Words and pictures: Claudia Dichiera
  • First picture L—R: Giuseppe Nasti and Andrew Papadakis

In the late 40s, Andrew Papadakis’ late grandfather migrated to Australia “with nothing”. Andrew says he would later open delis and grocery stores and named his first one ‘Dino’s’.

“I always look up to him,” Andrew says.


U5/33 King William Street, Adelaide 5000

Opening end of April


Andrew will uphold his Greek heritage and pay respects to his grandfather Dino by opening a casual takeaway spot on King William Street in the city’s heart.

“We’re trying to keep the traditions,” he says.

Two and a half years ago, Andrew owned Meze Mazi but sold his share of the business. The hospitality life got the better of him as he says he “just had to get out of the industry”.

“You know, spend some time with my children, my wife,” he says.

“I was too busy.”

Dino’s WIP


With a concept that was “ready to go in 2020”, Andrew is opening up Dino’s,  a “fast, casual restaurant”, with co-owner Giuseppe Nasti at the end of this month.

Unlike Meze Mazi, Andrew says Dino’s will have a more relaxed atmosphere.

“With my previous shop, I was stressed, worried all the time. Well, this one I can’t wait,” Andrew says.

“I’m a stress head, and I can’t believe it how it’s going along — until we get in I guess and reality hits.

“No bookings, walk-ins only; we had the telephone bookings, the emails and functions like that [at Meze Mazi], it was too much for me, and this is more relaxed for everyone: for the customers and for the workers.

“It’s still high-standard food, but in a more casual environment.”

Andrew says that with high industry costs, the concept is “the future”: “You don’t have to go full restaurant, or even go full takeaway, so you go in the middle: fast casual.”

Dino’s is a takeaway Greek restaurant with “a take on the yiros shop, but more creative”.

“It’s a bit more 2024,” Andrew says.

“There will be the flavour of a traditional yiros like in Athens.”

This location used to be a Hello Harry


But unlike a regular Greek takeaway joint, Dino’s will specialise in “pockets”.

“So instead of using the traditional Greek pita, we’re doing a pocket because I come from Crete and we do a similar thing with bread,” he says.

“We designed the bread that’s durable and stuff, and we’re filling it in traditionally as the Greek [flavours] so tomato, onion, tzatziki, chips.”

Andrew says that Giuseppe as head chef will prepare traditional fillings as well as “creative ones”.

“Different techniques, sauces, dressings and stuff. He [will] just mix it up, make flavours that work,” he says.

“It’s just a flavour boom — it’s very, very tasty. And that’s what we wanted, they have to be tasty. Not only read well on the menu but have the [flavour] explode in your mouth.”


In terms of location, the Hindley Street locale is a site Andrew has been looking at “for years”.

“I like [the location] a lot because it’s got a lot of foot traffic. It’s on Hindley, but it’s on the top so it’s not the — I don’t know how to say it — the bad Hindley,” he says.

Despite being in Adelaide’s most well-known nightlife district, Andrew won’t be open during the early hours yet but will rely on daytime office workers as the target audience.

As for interiors, Andrew wants the space to emulate a “nice, little Greek village vibe” with cream walls with blue touches.

“There’s nice rendered walls, there’s nice arches — it’s got a village vibe but nice. It’s done properly,” he says.

Dino’s is located at U5/33 King William Street, Adelaide and is set to open at the end of April.

Connect with the business on Instagram for more.

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