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July 7, 2015

First Look: The Nourish’d Kitchen

New sugar-free eatery in Stepney, The Nourish’d Kitchen, has abolished the guilt we often associated with takeaway and home delivery and replaced it with nothing but deliciousness.

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  • Words: Terri Arnold
  • Pictures: Joshua Fanning and supplied

Tucked away in Ann Street just off Magill Road, The Nourish’d Kitchen aims to provide a healthy, gourmet choice in the delivery and take-away market while also gently educating their customers about a healthier lifestyle.


The Nourish’d Kitchen will be opening next week, and after that you can visit them at 3 Ann Street, Stepney.

Run by family and friends, the business was co-founded by niece-aunt team Katie Stocks and Tina Phillips, who steer the menu and business side of things while Francesco Tigani grows meat for the kitchen, Georgie Phillips is their social media lady and James Kennedy mans the coffee machine and helped develop their signature bean blend.

“Being healthy is really hard work. You have to be super organised,” says Katie

What the team saw as a gap in the market – a lack of home and office delivered food that catered to dietary and health needs and just general dislikes – was the motivation for starting up the eatery at 3 Ann Street, Stepney.

“We just wanted to have a place where there’s real food, nutrient dense food” – Katie Stocks

“You can be a total princess, Madonna or prince,” Katie says. “A lot of people … if they don’t want bread because they don’t want to do carbs they just say they’re gluten intolerant,” says Tina Phillips, explaining how they want their customers to be comfortable in ordering what they want, without having to lie.

“We just wanted to have a place where there’s real food, nutrient dense food,” says Katie.

The Nourish’d Kitchens menu consists of environmentally conscious, sugar and gluten free meals, snacks and drinks that are as close to natural as possible.

“It’s the flipside of the low fat movement where people think they’ve got to eat low fat to lose weight,” says Tina, “It’s Just Eat Real Food, that “JERF-ing” term.”

In a time where no one has time to shop and cook at home, The Nourish’d Kitchen are providing a service that is not only convenient, but borders on a cultural need.

The family work together from farm to food delivery, starting with Francesco Tigani’s farms, called Nourish’d Pastures, in the Murray Valley and the Adelaide Hills. Francesco uses symbiotic farming techniques to ensure there are no chemicals, inhumane conditions or grain-fed animals involved in the process. As well as being environmentally and ethically conscious, Frankie’s meats are said to have more flavour.

“My grandfathers were farmers and I just wanted to, I guess, bring the taste and flavour back to farming… In the last hundred years, with the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, a lot of the taste and nutrients have left the soil and then the taste of the food is absent,” says Frankie.

Tina and Katie have come up with variations for Francesco’s grass-fed meats, which they slow cook to make the most of the flavours. “It could have a Mediterranean twist on it, or it could be Indian or Thai. Even though it’s one protein…” starts Tina, “we can do a lot with it,” Katie finishes.

As well as being businesswomen and health food creators, Tina and Katie have taken on the role of interior designers. Finding inspiration from all their favourite places, The Nourish’d Kitchen is a Scandinavian-industrial mash-up with finishes that range from pastel greens to brass and plant life. Historically, the building was known as Otto’s Warehouse so the industrial atmosphere and aesthetic was already there – all Tina and Katie had to do was add their own flair.

Despite being a little hidden away from the public, The Nourish’d Kitchen exists in a growing hub of niche businesses that could well develop into something very popular. And with dishes like Katie’s favourite slaw and slow-cooked pork as well as delicious things like coconut coffee and house-made granola on offer, there’s plenty of reasons to pay the area a visit.

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