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October 2, 2014

How to… eat well on the run

Sometimes there’s just no time for lunch. CityMag offers up these suggestions for the best options to quiet your stomach as you rush from one Terrace to the next.

  • Words: Ying-Di Yin
  • Pictures: Ryan Cantwell

Whether you work 9-5 and your diary is awash with meetings, are a part-timer with an insufficient lunch break or are just in an unusual rush, hunger can get in the way of a busy schedule and finding quick quality food can be a struggle. We selected a food hub from each corner of the city that will curb your appetite while you get to your next destination – no time wasted.

Roll and Roll Sushi – 25A Bank Street, Adelaide 


Dainty sushi place Roll and Roll is part of the ever-developing Bank Street in Adelaide’s West End. Although small, the meals and value here are anything but minimal. Distinguishing itself from other sushi chain stores, Roll and Roll has a diverse range of styled sushi. Made for you on the spot, the friendly staff recommends the Dragon Roll (made with eel, cream cheese, avocado, white wine and eel sauce), the Nigiri menu or for something even more filling – the bibimbap. Presented well and value for money, roll in and roll out with your lunch on the go.

Miss Mai – 9A James Place, Adelaide


Located in the bustling side lane of James Place, this fast-serving Vietnamese joint is marked out by a line that snakes down the lane obstructing the foot traffic during lunch hours. But don’t be deterred, the service is fast and the food is scrumptious, generous and cheap. Banh mi, a popular traditional snack, is $6. We recommend the roast pork. Unlike other banh mi options, Miss Mai has calculated the appropriate ratio of meat versus toppings and the bread texture is crisp on the outside but fluffy and soft on the inside. If you’re not a fan of banh mi (is that a thing?) – pho, Vietnamese noodle salads and cold rolls are also excellent alternatives.

Vego & Lovin’ It – Level 1, 240 Rundle St, Adelaide 


Upon googling their name you won’t find a huge Internet or Facebook presence but you will find overwhelmingly high ratings on Urbanspoon and Yelp. Vego & Lovin’ It is a classic example of a restaurant that is fuelled by word of mouth and a good product that keeps old and new customers coming back. Robin Eastwood opened his shop in 1988 alongside another chef, who helped develop a menu of vegetarian meals that are filling and healthy. Popular dishes include the Bali Burger and the Absolute Fabulous burger. It’s so filling that sharing a burger with a mate is enough to put you in a food coma. Try the lentil soup with a side of toast that is laced with a secret spread. Meals are incredibly generous and under $15.

Hong Kong Asian Grocery Store – 93 Grote Street, Adelaide 


Hong Kong Grocery is the Chinatown version of an IGA Deli. The deceivingly big grocery store caters to all your fun Asian eats, which are colourful and full of different flavours. If you’re peck-ish but not starving and looking for little nibbles that satisfy, this is your one-stop shop. From rice crackers and shrimp fried flavoured crackers to the classic Hello Panda biscuit treats, these snacks will keep you energised and satisfied. Adding to this is a plethora of flavoured Asian drinks ranging from Green Tea, Soy Bean Drinks and Coconut Juice. Note: all eats are under $5!

Genuine Taiwan Pearl Bubble Milk Tea
Part of the Hong Kong Grocery Store! Fun.

Cradled in the breast of HK Grocery is its highly successful baby, Bubble Milk Tea. This popular drink treat that is loved by many is a great alternative to your Boost Juice or can of Coke.  The traditional Taiwanese drink often contains a flavoured tea mixed with fruit or milk. Don’t forget to order tapioca balls (black pearls) and lychee to add texture to your drink. We recommend the Taro or Peach flavours.



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