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September 10, 2015

Drink up at Pickle in the Middle

Breakfast is good. Breakfast with cocktails is better. Unley Road eatery Pickle in the Middle finds truth in our (freshly coined) truism with the launch of a new menu that for the first time includes alcohol.

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  • Words: Joshua Fanning

Covering the launch of health-conscious-but-taste-first café, Pickle in the Middle earlier this year, CityMag had high hopes for the little café that could. Our expectations were met this week with the announcement of a delicious and oh-so-adult menu of alcoholic imbibes to complement their zingy food offering.


Visit Pickle in the Middle at 134 Unley Road, Unley from 8am – 4pm every day.

One of the greatest things about visiting and revisiting a place is to see the little tweaks, adjustments and evolutions the business makes. In the case of Pickle’s new drinks menu, the evolution is even greater than what’s in the glass.

“Later in the year we’ll be launching some Friday night events where we’ll be doing something completely different to what we offer during the day,” says Pickle in the Middle owner Karah Hogarth.

Karah says that the license is important for their expansion into the after-5pm market (because Australians need wine don’t you know), but at the core of this new list is some bottoms-up brunch brilliance.

The Pickled Mary (of course) is a new look at the breakfast juice of champions. It features preserved lemon vodka, a pickled dilly bean garnish and gochugaru – Korean chili pepper. The Darling is an alcoholic ‘shrub’ with a deep blush of beetroot and accent of lemon. Low-and-behold, where would a breakfast drinks menu be without a coffee cocktail? The Day Peeper draws on Pickle in the Middle’s already excellent reputation for great coffee and features cold brew, plus Amaro and bourbon.

And to further add to the theme of evolution you can now get a perfect selection of tartines (open faced sandwiches inspired by the Danish smorrebrod) – complete with their house-made Scandinavian-style seed bread.

“It’s still daytime food and all hand-made by us,” says Karah, “but dishes like our Crispy Brussels salad and the tartines are worthy of a glass of wine and benefit from some new techniques we’re playing around with, like dehydrating and powder-making.”

Look out Heston!

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