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February 9, 2018

DLQ X GAG X CLT = HYPA wine launch

New wine to try with all proceeds going to re-homing and up-skilling young South Australians.

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  • Story: Josh Fanning

Success brings many things – but for two young wineries and their, let’s say, youthful winemakers it’s also brought a conscience.


Delinquente, Giovanni Armani Giorgio and Clever Little Tailor launch some new wines with all proceeds going to youth charity – HYPA. Sunday, February 11th from 4PM – 9PM
19 Peel Street, Adelaide 5000
Wine by the glass and bottle – all proceeds going to HYPA

“I just want to be socially responsible I suppose,” says Greg Gregoriou – head winemaker and owner of Delinquente Wine Co. “I’m pretty lucky. I don’t want to sit there and think I deserve it,” he says. And indeed we’re sitting in a very fortunate position – at the bar of Clever Little Tailor on Peel Street sucking down a couple of fresh and foamy Port Local Lagers.

Steve Crawford of Frederik Stevenson and Giovanni Armani Giorgio (GAG) wines is with us and we’re talking about “the year of truth” as CityMag has autonomously dubbed it (hopefully the Dog is okay to share). For Delinquente and GAG – their truth is coming to terms with a successful start to their wine enterprises and a growing desire to make more than wine.

“I don’t have the time to give to the work that needs to be done and I admire, greatly, the people who do,” says Steve. “I think giving time is probably more worthwhile but at the same time, charities always need money to effect change.”

HYPA is a local charity based on Currie Street. It’s name is an acronym – Helping Young People Achieve and when Greg was first setting up Delinquente he discovered their work in re-homing at-risk youth and providing pathways for them into training and employment. It was a perfect fit for Greg who wanted to donate $2 of every online sale he made to a youth-oriented charity. However, Greg wasn’t necessarily the best fit from HYPA’s perspective.

“Delinquent and the kids…” Greg says and pauses, “They were a bit, ‘naaa’ about it. They weren’t so sure the association was good for what they wanted.”

But the relationship kicked off and has grown since then. And with both companies about to launch new wines, Delinquente releasing more in the “Hell” series and GAG’s new prosecco, both Steve and Greg and Alistair Robertson of Clever Little Tailor have concocted a Sunday session with a conscience.

New wine, now with added benefits. We’ll drink to that.


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