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July 31, 2020

Deja Brew hits the road

Deja Brew wants to be your daily cup of roving joe, offering expertly poured Pogo Roasters coffee and wholesome service from their newly kitted out coffee van.

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  • Words: Angela Skujins
  • Pictures: Cooper Rees-Jones
  • Main Image: James Edwards and Seb Edwards

Seb and James Edwards want Deja Brew Specialty Coffee to be more than a van offering takeaway coffee.

Not only will they serve top quality pours using beans from Pogo Coffee Roasters, but Deja Brew will also forge strong connections with their clientele, they tell CityMag.


Deja Brew Specialty Coffee
A traveling coffee van. Stops and pop ups TBA.


For years, Seb and James shared a boss: barista and owner of coffee van Wicked Coffee, Jeffrey Goehr.

The duo’s new venture will operate based off what they learned working with Jeffrey.

So attuned to the lives of his customers was Jeffrey, Seb says, he once guessed a regular was pregnant.

“There was a change in her coffee order,” Seb says, smiling.

“He knew.”

The brothers hope Deja Brew, too, will become a meaningful part of their clientele’s lives.

Deja Brew is currently trading on weekends, but they hope to soon expand hours into the working week.

James says there will eventually be seven stops on the daily Deja Brew coffee route.

It will be parked outside gyms, busy bus interchanges and workplaces from Monday to Friday, offering steaming cups of black and white coffee, and choc or chai beverages to bleary-eyed regulars looking to start their day “the right way,” James says.

Deja Brew will then hit schools and community centres on weekends, selling muffins, cakes and croissants to kids participating in sport and competitions, as well as coffee for their parents.

The van had its first day of trade last Sunday, at a Harley Davidson meet-and-ride in Kilburn, followed by a stint at the St Bernard’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in Rostrevor.

The boys working their magic last weekend


James says the day went well – burley motorcyclists enjoyed the dainty ham croissants, and family and friends showed up at St Bernards for support.

But it’s “tough being the new kid on the block,” James admits.

“People don’t have a routine,” Seb explains, “they have a coffee ritual.”

“We need to be that new regular place.”

The Edwards brothers are confident Deja Brew will break into the market by showing up and serving patrons rain, hail, or shine.

“We say we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year,” James says.

“If you want us at your netball or soccer game at 5am on Saturday, we’ll be there.”

Although the brothers are leaning into an old-school style of service, there’s also a big emphasis on being a sustainable operation with a future-focus.

Cups will be biodegradable, and patrons can purchase a sack of used coffee grounds for $1.

Proceeds from the sacks will be donated by Deja Brew to a new charity each quarter.

There are plans to expand the brand with a second vehicle in the next two years, but for now, Seb and James want to nail this first step and become peoples’ new go-to coffee spot.

“We named it Deja Brew so people have felt like they’ve had it before.”

A latte with a side of smoulder

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