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December 16, 2014

De Groot Coffee Co. cellar door

De Groot Coffee Co. have flung open the (giant) doors to their new seaside operation at Port Elliot, just in time for Adelaide's annual postcode pilgrimage. Genius.

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Trevor De Groot and Bernadette Stack set up Espresso Royale, a little organic coffee house with a red verandah on Magill Road, six years ago. This weekend they opened up the much larger doors on their new warehouse roastery and café at Port Elliot.


De Groot Coffee Co.
Factory 09
Corner Hill St & Waterport Rd
Port Elliot, 5212
Open Fri – Mon
8am – 2pm

The warehouse is part of a complex originally owned and established by artist David Bromley. The industrial back-roads of the normally picturesque Port Elliot makes for an odd-but-perfect match for the De Groot operation, as mature trees and unexpected design features and art installations create a tranquility that, themselves, are worth experiencing.

For Trevor and Bernadette, the move is more significant than a mere address alteration. And although the Port Elliot facility has obviously taken their roasting operation to a new level and streamlined many aspects of the business, it’s also far more emblematic of the values at the core of their business – community and sustainability.

Already De Groot is sponsoring the local bodyboarding club and looking to partner with the basketball team. And while tourists have remarked to Trevor about how well they believe his setup would work in “the city” he and Bernadette are far happier to have gone against the grain.

As the world gets smaller, busier and more self-important – taking time out for a good coffee by the seaside is a completely different experience to jamming down a java between two meetings in town.

So, set sail for Port Elliot this summer. Not only for its famous bakery but also its world-class coffee house.

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