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May 20, 2020

Cocktail recipe: The Imperial Measures Distilling Negroni

A simple cocktail made even easier by one distillery making all three components: Ounce Signature Gin, Ruby Bitter and SV Vermouth.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Main image: Supplied
  • Recipe: Imperial Measures Distilling

In these unprecedented, challenging and uncertain times, what is needed come five o’clock on a Friday afternoon is not some flagrantly complicated concoction of eight or so components.


Imperial Measures Distilling
31 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton 5031
Wed—Fri: 10am ’til 5pm
Sat—Sun: 12pm ’til 5pm


There are times and a places for this type of experience, but these are not those times, and socially isolating at home is not the place.

What is called for is an easy, familiar, tasty, equal-parts cocktail – like CityMag’s close friend, the Negroni.

There are ways to make this classic slightly more complex – using a couple of different vermouths, getting really fancy with your ice.

But there are also ways to make it simple: get all your ingredients from one distillery.

Imperial Measures Distilling, the Thebarton-based company who came to prominence on backbars with its Ounce Signature Gin, has recently added to its offering its very first vermouth: SV Vermouth, a sweet version of the fortified imbibe.

This makes the IMD Negroni a one-stop (or one-online-checkout) cocktail.

To make things even easier again, you can even order a pre-batched Negroni, made by the deft hands of the IMD team. See the IMD website for more details.

For details on how to make it yourself, read on.




– IMD Ounce Signature 30ml
– IMD Ruby Bitter 30ml
– SV Vermouth 30ml


– Pour ingredients into a mixing glass.
– Add ice.
– Stir until adequately chilled and diluted, approximately 20 revolutions.
– Strain into rocks glass over fresh ice.
– Garnish with orange twist.


IMD Tip:  Don’t get too comfortable, you will most likely be making a second one very soon.

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