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October 15, 2015

City pastry guide: Bakery on O’Connell

An Adelaide institution in its own right, Bakery on O’Connell is one of those rare metro spots that will happily feed you at any hour of the day or night.

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  • Words: Michelle Gan
  • Pictures: Michelle Gan and Louie Quilao

If you’re not familiar with it already, Bakery on O’Connell is something you need to put on your got-to-know list (and hangover cure list) because it is the perfect antidote to surprise hunger pangs and tummy rumblings.

Recently having moved from their long-time home on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide to bigger, brighter digs further up the road, the bakery has not broken momentum.

Even on the day they shifted they caused frenzied gridlock on the street as crowds of people rushed to grab some sweet dough that was made even sweeter by the fact it was being given away for free.

Already, it isn’t difficult for us to find reason to eat pie. It’s even easier now with a shop that’s virtually always open so we could rock up at any time.

Owner Tony Greven was in the shop when we arrived, so we got him to select the best options for our plates.

The chicken and vegetable pasty – Tony’s favourite – was a hearty vege stew encased in a pot of pastry. The greens inside were fresh, swirling in the glutinous filling, whilst the pastry walls stood firm and delectable. It was a solid start.

Up next was the uncontested star of the show – a chicken parmy pie. Combining two of our favourite foods, our tastebuds sang as the chunks of meat and flaky crumbs trickled down our throats leaving a trail of blazing red. It was deeelicious, well duh.

For good measure, we topped it off with a Thai steak curry pie. This was filled with yet another type of sauce, this time with a gingery kick, but still every bit as hot and satisfying.

But it isn’t over yet, because there’s always time for dessert. A Nutella heart sat before us, flanked by mini Nutella bombs made using the centre holes of donuts that would otherwise have gone to waste. A special creation by the bakery, we devoured them loudly and appreciatively. It was a messy affair; a generous explosion of chocolate-hazelnut goo went everywhere, but we came out of it all with only a sugar moustache each to show for it.

So when you next require a pile of carbs in your piehole (literally), saunter on (drunky-drunky or not) down to Bakery on O’Connell pronto. You bet they’ll feed you.

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