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March 7, 2024

But wait, there’s more: Oliveti by the Spread and Dolly crew is heading to the beach

A traditional Italian restaurant by the team behind Spread, Dolly, Fettle and Bar Lune is about to make its debut on Broadway.

  • Words and pictures: Claudia Dichiera
  • Above: Sam Worrell-Thompson

It was only last Thursday that CityMag exclusively reported that the Spread, DollyFettle and Bar Lune crew were opening a new sando spot titled Don’s Deli.


43 Broadway, Glenelg South 5045

Slated to open in May 2024


I’m sure you subconsciously put that information to the back of your mind, and wouldn’t expect to hear anything new from this team for a year or so, also considering they only opened Spread in September last year.

Well, dear reader, you’re wrong.

Oliveti is coming to Broadway, Glenelg. It’s set to open in May in an old IGA building, under — you guessed it — the Spread, Dolly, Fettle and Bar Lune team. There will also be an adjoining second-Spread store slated to open in late April.

“I think down here [on Broadway] is very much like here [at Bar Lune] — I think it’s got that neighbourhood feel,” says Sam Worrell-Thompson, who co-owns Oliveti alongside Josh Dehaas.

“I think in the market that we’re in, [we’re] very approachable a little bit more westernised attain but we’re very affordable.

“We want to be that drop-in spot: nice enough that you can go there for a date, casual enough that you can walk up from the beach and come in shorts.”

This was the old IGA building


Unlike the Parade, Sam is excited about Broadway’s foot traffic which they “don’t get here [at Bar Lune]”.

“You’ve got the Mediterranean [Cafe Ristorante], the other day we went to Seafaring Fools which is like a burger bar at night, that’s packed… then The Organik two doors down is packed,” Sam says. “It’s people up early.”

The food offering at Oliveti will be a modern take on an Italian style with a few Middle Eastern influences.

“So it’s quite a traditional style menu [and we’ll] probably flirt with Middle Eastern more through your mains and proteins,” Sam says.

“The pasta’s very, very classic… with a spin on it and then small plates will be fairly Italian driven.”


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As the menu isn’t finalised, Sam keeps his cards close to his chest on the specifics. He does allude to some creative takes he wants to implement.

“I’m trying to play around with this [savoury] cannoli, but stuffed with tuna tonnato,” Sam says.

“I’m pretty keen on zucchini flowers and some kind of Stracciatella dish.”

As for the plates of pasta — arguably the most important part of an Italian menu — Sam wants to incorporate one seafood, two meat-based, and two vegetarian types.

Sam says the vibe for Oliveti stems from places interstate, like Biànca in Brisbane and Studio Amaro in Melbourne.

Sam but inside Oliveti


He says these hospitality models originated from Totti’s in Sydney and reminds him of “back in the day [when] everyone tried to copy Chin Chin”.

As for how the space looks, the premises are split in two, with Oliveti down one side and Spread down the other.

“I think like the idea we have with Dolly, if Dolly’s full, we open Spread at night and the overflow goes there. Oliveti and [Broadway] Spread will work the same,” Sam says.

“We use Spread for functions and then at the back [of Oliveti], there’s also a private dining space for about 20 people, so there’s room for big groups, which I think is always a selling point.

“Then there’s a big L-shaped booth seat in the middle of Oliveti which would hold maybe 25 [people] and then there’s a shared table coming off the wall at the front.

“So there’s lots of room for big groups, which sometimes a lot of venues don’t have. So it’ll be very wholesome, very generous and approachable.”

The interiors are maroon and beige with what Sam describes as “wow-factor” when you first walk in.

“It’s a real high ceiling, it looks big when you walk in,” he says.

“We wanted to pull Mediterranean vibes in terms of concrete and white and natural light — beachy kind of vibes.

“And then Spread’s actually completely opposite to what Spread Unley is [visually]. So instead of green with hints of pink, it’s retro pink — so the whole place is pretty fucking bright.”

Part of the Spread offering that we’ll see on Broadway

Despite how it looks, Spread Broadway will operate exactly the same as Spread Unley, with the same sandwich options.

With any business that Sam is a co-owner of, service, personality and staffing play a vital role. Oliveti will be no different.

“You can’t really promote that. The only thing that can promote that is your staff and how if they’re stiff, or if they’re casual, and that’s the hardest probably, is to get them on board,” Sam says.

“But I think sometimes you tend to get caught up with the new look of the place and you’re a bit stiff.

“So trying to find the right personalities I think to pass that message on.”

Oliveti and Spread will be located at 43 Broadway, Glenelg South. Oliveti is set to open in May, while Spread is scheduled to open its door in late April.

Connect with Oliveti and Spread on Instagram for more.

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