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February 2, 2016

Burger Theory one step closer to conquering the world

First the food truck, then Union Street, then Flinders University, then Melbourne and now, the University of Adelaide. Next, total burger supremacy.

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  • Words and pictures: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Elevations: Matt Stuckey of Be Friendly

Adelaide-made burger chain, Burger Theory, is expanding its ever-growing flock of burger bars yet again – this time heading over to the Hub at the University of Adelaide.

The new burger bar, which is being designed by Matt Stuckey of Be Friendly design studio and built by GAAS Pty Ltd and Perennial Constructions, is set to launch on February 22 during O’Week.

Owner, Rob Dean, says that the real difference between this location and all others is that the processes of food preparation – from grinding the meat to chopping veggies and making the sauces – will be on display behind a big glass window.

The menu is also going to be a little different than normal, with the addition of a breakfast menu, some loaded fries, in-house made doughnuts, and cheap coffee.

Rob says burger prices will remain the same, but that some of the new offerings will come at much appreciated I-need-a quick-study-break prices.

Having seen the recent success of Burger Theory’s expansion into Melbourne and Flinders University, we predict the new University of Adelaide location will be a winner too.

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