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January 28, 2015

Bubby Noodle launches new menu

The guys behind Bubby Noodle – those delicious Sunday night ramen sessions at Botanic Bar – are broadening our education in pan-Asian cuisine with a new menu.

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  • Pictures: Ben McGee

Chef Andy Nowell’s obsession with serving delicious stuff that’s hard to find in Adelaide is reflected in the new Bubby Noodle menu, which draws on Korean and Japanese culinary traditions.


Bubby Noodle happens every Sunday night, from 6pm at the Botanic Bar. The new menu will be available from February 1.

The dishes will also incorporate flavours from something called “Nikkei cuisine”, which apparently developed when Japanese migrants to Peru began using their adopted country’s produce and methods to cook traditional dishes.

“We wanted to get more fresh things that are reflective of summer into the menu,” says Andy. “And we were also keen to include some really cool hybrid Korean-Japanese dishes.”

Despite the diverse influences being brought to bear in the menu, the dishes themselves sound straightforward and tasty. A sashimi kingfish menu item prepared using the tiradito method – which is an evolution of the Peruvian ceviche – is served with amarillo, clamato, lime, furakake, burnt tomato and fried leek.

For CityMag, kingfish is hard to beat, but a burnt corn and miso butter dinner doesn’t sound so bad either. Nor does the Ssam – a sharing dish designed for four people that originates in Korea.

“Ssam in Korean means ‘to wrap’,” says Andy. “This is one for friends to share together. Hanger steak will be marinated and cooked over coals. Once it’s been rested it’s served on a platter with a bunch of different condiments – house pickles and sauces and heaps of fresh herbs.

“The idea is you pick up a cabbage leaf, chuck in all the things and enjoy. I think this is the one.”

For those attached to the ramens of previous Bubby Noodle evenings, there will still be two available – the classic shio broth version and a smoked duck mazeman (dry style).

The new menu launches this Sunday, February 1, and it will soon be followed by further developments.

Amongst these is the delightful prospect of local winemakers coming in, offering their wines to drink and playing a DJ set while they’re about it. Keep an eye on the Bubby Noodle Facebook page for updates on this and be vigilant, because we’ve heard the first act up could well be former punk musician Taras Ochota of Ochota Barrels fame.


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