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October 29, 2015

City pastry guide: Brighton Jetty Bakery

CityMag is off to Brighton, but it’s not the cool blue allure of the ocean that’s tempted us out of the CBD, it’s the Brighton Jetty Bakery’s pastry selection.

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  • Words and pictures: Tess Lauren Milford-Behn

It was Brighton Jetty Bakery’s mouth-watering weekly specials and pie of the month posts on social media that had us drooling in eager anticipation for this week’s pastry guide.

There’s no better place to laze by the beach with your pooch and gorge yourself silly on baked goods.

Owners Dave Matkovic and Dahlia Makkar have built a strong reputation for innovative pies baked on-site. The family previously part-owned the famous Port Elliot Bakery but in 2011 opened this beachside location to launch a more creative menu.

This year they achieved the title of Best Gluten Free Pie and Pasty in Australia and a previous satisfied client of their custom orders is American rapper Killer Mike (Run the Jewels).

Known for having a line-up of eager locals on a Saturday, don’t panic if they run out of the flavour you’re craving. Just go for a half an hour beach stroll and return to a golden beauty straight out of the oven.

Now…lets talk about taste.

I ordered the Steak and Shiraz pie, which made a successful debut this year at Sea and Vines Festival. It features Muscle Man Shiraz from local Angove Family Winemakers.

Shiraz lovers rejoice; this is the lunch item for you.

As with every pie I tested…the pastry consisted of crunchy thick layers cooked gently to perfection.

The Vegan ‘Chickpea Masala’ pie recipe from an Indian Chef is a party in your mouth and every spice seems to have been invited (don’t forget to ask for an addition of Frank’s Red Hot Chilli sauce to complete the experience).

Our favourite? Butter Chicken.

Cooked with tender chicken pieces in a rich but mild sauce is perfect for those who run screaming at the word ‘spicy’.

Previous Brighton Bakery creations have included ‘Fish Tacos’ and ‘Chicken Parmi’, and there are even whispers of a possible future ‘Cheeseburger’ pie.

“We have a donut special every week” says owner Dave Matkovic.

Previous flavours include lemon curd; Oreos and milk; and Nutella-banana pockets, which quite rightly set the bakery’s social media ablaze.

The sun is out Adelaide, and it’s time to treat your senses.

Sit contently outside with your treats and enjoy the view or grab a picnic table down by the rocks, if you make it across the road before devouring them all (we didn’t).

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