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June 8, 2016

Adelaide’s answer to Melbourne’s deconstructed coffee drama

A good stiff drink.

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  • Story: Joshua Fanning

The Collins Bar will launch its new limited edition martini collection tonight, unveiling a variety of twists on the classic cocktail.


The Collins Bar
limited edition Martini Collection launches June 8 and will be available throughout winter.

There are five different versions of the Gin / Vodka based drink, many of which push the bounds of what we’re comfortable calling a martini.

There’s the Black Forest, Green Tea Martini, Smoking Scotsman and Rhubarb Bliss. But it’s the Nobel Experience which caught our attention.

The Nobel Experience is a deconstructed Martini with Tanqueray 10, Lillet vermouth, a hint of grapefruit bitters and a small glass of olives. However the cocktail comes served in several parts that the drinker (ie: you) are invited to mix together.


The Green Tea Martini – features Japanese Yuzu, a house-made green tea syrup, Midori and vanilla vodka

Last week Melbourne blogger Jamila Rizvi caused an Internet grumble with her contention that a cafe in Abbotsford “had gone too far” by serving its long macchiato in three short beakers.

For bartender Connor Earle however, the deconstructed Martini at The Collins is the ideal way to serve a martini.

“Within the flask is your main ingredient – your choice of vodka or gin – we like the Tanq 10. In the smaller laboratory beaker we have your vermouth—Lillet Blanc—then in a little shot glass we’ve got heaps of olives,” says Connor.

CityMag concedes, there are never enough olives in a martini.

Connor smiles in agreement, “this way people can customise their drink. They can make their martini taste as dirty as they want, have it as sweet or dry as they like it.”

And while traditionalists may prefer to have a professional mix their drink, we can see a lot of merit in letting someone choose the level of dirty they’re comfortable putting in a glass.

The Collins can be found at 233 Victoria Square in Adelaide. It’s open Monday – Saturday from 4pm until late.



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