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September 16, 2020

A new restaurant from Sprout’s Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann at 11 Waymouth Street Plaza

Eleven is a new Modern Australian restaurant from Sprout’s founders Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann coming soon to Waymouth Street.

  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

A major tenancy within the 11 Waymouth Street Plaza redevelopment has been confirmed, as Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann, founders of Sprout Cooking School, announce new restaurant Eleven will launch at the site.


11 Waymouth Street Plaza, Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000
Monday to Saturday

Eleven’s bar offering will launch this November. The restaurant will launch in January 2021.

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The restaurant will be Modern Australian, with a “very well-established and accomplished chef” on board for the project, who will be announced at a later date.

There has been a lot of movement at 11 Waymouth Street Plaza this year, with My Kingdom For a Horse and Hello Sarnie opening in the Waymouth Street façade.

Eleven, which is stylised in all lower case, faces into the newly constructed outdoor courtyard at the back of the development, sandwiched between 11 Waymouth and the GPO Exchange building.

In addition to the restaurant, which will be designed by Adelaide architecture firm Studio Nine and feature branding from Brighter, the Sprout team has also taken on a secondary tenancy a stone’s throw away, a small kiosk on the upper level of the courtyard that will function as a café by day and bar by night.

Themis and Callum began discussions with the development’s leasing agent, CBRE, towards the end of July this year. Themis recalls being awestruck by the Mapletree development.

“Callum and I have a really amazing business and friendship relationship. He’s always said trust your gut, basically, and when I first walked in here, I went, ‘Oh. I like it,’” Themis says.

“It’s got that outdoor vibe, surrounded by buildings, but it’s still a place where you can have a conversation, because you’re not on the road, and that’s what I felt straight away. It’s a place where you can have a good number of people, it can be still open, right in the centre of the CBD, and in quiet space, too.

“So when I walked in, I thought, this is something that we actually do need to consider.”

CBRE similarly see Callum and Themis’ involvement in the space as a coup.

“Securing Sprout as our anchor tenant for the project is a great outcome for everyone involved,” says CBRE associate director Julia Pottenger.

“The ability to trade the restaurant and the bar is a vision we all shared early on.

“Being involved with this calibre of project in the heart of the CBD has been a privilege. The results have been incredible especially seeing we had a worldwide pandemic in the middle of the leasing campaign.”

Eleven’s bar offering will launch in November this year, while the restaurant proper will go live in January 2021.

The pandemic threw some challenges at Sprout’s business model – events and in-person lessons being ruled out by COVID restrictions for much of this year.

This pushed Themis and Callum to consider diversifying their business, leading to their opening Lou’s in the Barossa on the weekend just gone, and taking on this CBD site also.

Themis describes Eleven’s offering as more refined than that of Lou’s, and he’s excited to join the high-calibre hospitality offering in the city’s business district.

“I was keen to be in the CBD, and surrounded by some of the best restaurants in South Australia,” he says.

“Oggi’s great, Press* is great – be here, be where the great guys are, and let’s give them another offering and work together.”

Stay tuned to CityMag for updates on Eleven as the project progresses.

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