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June 23, 2022

Find the Wizard of Oz and your way back to the CBD

The two worlds of Oz and Adelaide collide in a new scavenger-hunt style tour taking over the city. Find the Wizard of Oz through Toto’s eyes, while also coming back to explore the CBD.

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  • This article was produced in collaboration with the Adelaide Economic Development Agency.

There’s no place like home, or so chants Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Searching for the Wizard of Oz will run from 30 June to 8 November across the CBD, starting at the City Library.

This claim rings true, with the iconic fairytale story being brought to life across Adelaide this year in an interactive, scavenger-hunt tour.

Running from 30 June to 8 November, Searching for the Wizard of Oz brings the original 1900 L. Frank Baum fantasy to the CBD, inviting people to “follow the Yellow Brick Road” through the city.

The initiative has been created by Adelaide and Melbourne-based experience-design studio Sandpit, in collaboration with ADL Unleashed.

Using Sandpit’s bespoke digital technology, people are encouraged to find a total of six posters, which offer clues to the destination of the next stop through QR codes.

When scanned with a smartphone, the posters are brought to life with animations unlocking the next chapter of the story, taking participants on a journey across Oz and the streets of the CBD.

“Ultimately, you’re looking for the Wizard of Oz, and there’ll be an exciting reveal at the end,” says Sandpit Senior Producer Jude Henshall.

“There’s about five or six minutes of walking between each poster, with the start at the City Library.

“It’s a family-friendly tour, and kids could totally bring scooters if they wished. You certainly don’t have to go on transport; it’s all within reach.”


The artwork for the tour is created by designers Sam Barratt and Chris Edser, creators of the acclaimed ‘Heaps Good‘ t-shirts, which later became a brand for the state. Sam and Chris have worked with Sandpit’s writers to take a fresh look at the Oz tale.

“We’ve turned the story a bit, making it from the perspective of Toto the dog, revealing his thoughts on the other characters,” Jude says.

“It’s a fresh take and a bit different, giving people a new version of the tale, but all the characters we know and love are still there.”

The tour will kick off with a launch on 30 June at the Mall’s Balls in Rundle Mall, where people will be able to get their picture taken on the Yellow Brick Road and watch an artist paint a field of poppies throughout the day.

Sam Haren, who is co-founder and creative director of Sandpit with Dan Koerner, said this will be the first time the studio has created a digital tour in Adelaide.

“We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to create a unique and immersive visitor experience for ADL Unleashed,” Sam says.

“Bringing such a timeless classic to life on the streets of Adelaide will be an adventure for visitors of all ages.”

Sam Haren


Sandpit is known for bringing stories and historical information to life using cutting edge technologies, specialising in visitor experiences.

Since launching in 2012, Sandpit has partnered with museums, brands and cultural institutions, such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Google Creative Lab, and ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

For the Searching for the Wizard of Oz tour, Sandpit will use the same technology it built for NFSA’s Australians in Hollywood exhibition in Canberra.

Sam says using The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a frame for the tour suits the aim of the experience and encourages everyone to get involved.

“The theme of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz fits in perfectly with the purpose of ADL Unleashed — to bring people back into the city post-lockdowns; to encourage people to come back home,” Sam says.

“It’s a fun and adventurous family experience that also brings people back to the city.”

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor says the tour is an exciting way to rediscover the CBD.

“There’s no place like home, and the Searching for the Wizard of Oz trail is a brilliant way to explore the city,” she says.

“Follow the (virtual!) Yellow Brick Road, click your heels together and experience the magic of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on the streets of Adelaide.”

For more information on Searching for the Wizard of Oz, visit the website.

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