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November 28, 2023

Behind the menu at the Brompton Hotel

We love knowing what’s on the menu at CityMag, so we caught up with Operations Manager Pablo Theodoros to find out what to expect from their spring/summer offering.

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  • This article was produced in collaboration with Duxton Group.

What was the inspiration for the new Spring/Summer menu?

As with previous Brompton menus, we are inspired by the fresh produce that is available in season. The additions of pasta and pizza to the menu is very much to entice more family dining and bring a menu to our local community with choices for everyone.

Is it a collaborative effort to pull it together?

Yes, on all levels. Ultimately the final menu is a collaboration between our chefs at the Brompton, especially Flynn Richie, combined with our Duxton team: Executive Group Chef Brendan Boothroyd, Ben Dowler executive Sous Chef, and me. We also take on feedback from our senior front of house team, who are the eyes and ears for what the customers are asking for.

Pablo Theodoros.

Is it fair to say this is a big flavoured, modern Mediterranean offering?

Very much so. We love this style of cuisine as you can offer such a diverse range of food from simple snacks, family meals to fine dining. We have so many unique spaces at the Brompton Hotel that cover all occasions from a knock off beer and snacks, quick lunches, family meals to a special occasion date night.

What’s your favourite three dish combo from the antipasti?

You need to start with our house-made focaccia, first and foremost. Adding three to that – the grass fed Bresola, whipped ricotta and some Guipuzcoa Anchovies – will kick off your dinner perfectly. If you are just coming in for a quick snack and drink, I would be ordering some Nashville fried chicken and the Little Bang IPA onion rings.

Do you think dining out as a family is different now than 10 years ago?

Absolutely! There are so much more to think about now with the food and space offerings. You really need to be all inclusive to dietary requirements and have the right environment for dining.


Keen? Suss the full menu here.

5 First Street Brompton 5007
(08) 8340 0072

Beef, pork and smallgoods feature quite a bit – can you tell us about your suppliers?

We are using many different suppliers. Our pork comes from Boston Bay in Port Lincoln, our beef as much as possible we use from down the South East. For our smallgoods we get Secco Fine Foods with a mixture of Australian and imported products. Secco is a fantastic local supplier dedicated to supplying high quality produce, and understands how important it is to work closely with our chefs.

How do you want people to remember their dining experience?

We want our customers walking out already planning their next trip to the Brompton. We want to deliver an immaculate food and dining experience that doesn’t strip the bank account dry. Ultimately our aim is for all customers to leave happy, and it all circles back to our mission statement; enter a stranger, leave a local.

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