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January 21, 2022

Meet the CityMag Love Edition cover couple

You can't find a cuter couple than David Simmons and Travis Cook, who appeared on the cover of our latest print edition. We look back at our conversation with them about summer plans, a couple of weeks before we learned about that pesky Omicron variant.

  • Above L—R: David Simmons, a journalist and DJ, and Travis Cook, a producer and DJ.

In mid-November 2020, CityMag held a photo shoot at Lucia’s in the Central Market for the cover of our then-upcoming issue of the print mag, our summer Love Edition.

The shoot featured Adelaide couple and men-about-town David Simmons, a journalist and DJ, and Travis Cook, a producer and DJ.

In the time between this shoot taking place and our mag hitting streets on 2 December, the word Omicron suddenly entered the lexicon, hampering all our best laid summer plans.

Still, as part of the cover shoot, we asked David and Travis what kind of summer they were looking forward to.

Reading it back, it’s nice to remember how optimistic the future felt at that time, even after the 18-month ride through the coronavirus we’d already experienced.

It’s nice to think we might soon achieve a similar level of optimism again.

For memories’ sake, meet our cover couple David and Travis below.


What are you looking forward to over the summer?
David: Honestly, just getting out and experiencing life again. I feel like this winter I’ve been locked up at home quite a lot and I just can’t wait to spontaneously go out and see people and hang out.

I’m really hopeful promoters will throw some big warehouse parties. Once we can all dance again, I’m sure that that will happen. I also think it would just be nice to be able to dance and not have to deal with limited capacities and not worry about not being able to get in somewhere.

Where will you go out to?
David: I’d love to be going out in the city. I love going to LOC, the Exeter, of course, Ancient World. I’ll probably be there all summer playing and seeing friends. But apart from that, I’d love to go to more house parties even and just be around people. I feel like it’ll be a really good summer. I have high expectations. 

What about you, Travis?
Travis: I’ve seen glimmers of hope, and I feel like it will be even more exciting when things ramp up a bit. I’m looking forward to a bit more spontaneity. I think it’s the spontaneity that has been lost during COVID-19. I’m excited to go to places that I haven’t been to every two weeks.

SPOTTED: David and Travis on a date

As a couple, do you often go on dates?
David: We don’t really go on dates. We just go out together all the time as a couple.

Travis: We do go on nice dinners.

David: We celebrate milestones.

Travis: But it’s not consciously a ‘date’.

David: Maybe we will go on a date. Where should we go on a date?

Travis: Somewhere in the Adelaide Hills. I feel ancient now because I’m starting to appreciate the wine regions. You turn 31 and all you want to do is go to the Clare Valley, McLaren Vale.




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