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July 16, 2019

Introducing: The Adelaide City Coffee Championships

A way to express your gratitude for the coffee stars in your life – the Adelaide City Coffee Championship gives you the opportunity to vote for your favourite coffee team in your favourite part of the city.

For six years the city of Adelaide has been able to pick up a copy of our quarterly print edition at their favourite coffee shop in postcode 5000. It’s become our de facto brand proposition: wherever good coffee is sold!

It felt fitting then that while we celebrate SA Food Month in July, we introduce our first ever awards program – the Adelaide City Coffee Championship.


The Adelaide City Coffee Championship is judged by you. Vote now for your favourite coffee shop in each of the four corners of our fair city.

Vote for your favourite coffee in your favourite part of town:
Northeast Conference
Northwest Conference
Southeast Conference
Southwest Conference


Note: Voting has now closed!

Guided entirely by you, the ACCC is a way for coffee connoisseurs and addicts alike to have their say and fan out over their favourite coffee shops in not one, but four corners of the city. Just as the NBA has its Eastern and Western Conferences we’ve divvied up Adelaide along King William, Grote and Wakefield Streets to the Terraces beyond and carved our city in four.

These quarters: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest will host four individual ‘Conferences’ and crown four winners in the Adelaide City Coffee Championship – relieving you of having to choose one loved one over another.

Instead of snobs cupping coffee in labs and telling you what’s good and what’s not – this competition is about you and where you get your everyday cup. The inaugural ACCC will celebrate good coffee as much as it will the best café atmospheres to cosy up in, and revel in that place you go to for a nice chat (flirt) with that clever (cute) so-and-so behind the La Marzocco because we all know coffee is so much more than some ground up beans and hot water.

We want the Adelaide City Coffee Championship to celebrate the best coffee experiences in town. So, whether you frequent a particular spot every day or had a particularly good coffee once at an infrequent location – we want you to vote and show them a bit of love.

The coffee business is a hard business built on long hours and a ridiculously competitive market in the square mile of Adelaide. We want these conferences to serve as an opportunity for grateful coffee drinkers to show some support for their favourite coffee shop and celebrate how bloody good the coffee is here in Adelaide.

How to vote

Voting is open now until Tuesday, 30 July 2019. The four conference winners will be announced Wednesday, 31 July in The Forager.

Vote once in each of the conference zones (maximum of four votes per person). Click through at the links below to your chosen CBD area, click on the café name to open our preprepared list, then select one of our options or add your own favourite coffee shop.

  1. The Northeast Conference
  2. The Northwest Conference
  3. The Southeast Conference
  4. The Southwest Conference

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