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November 15, 2018

Inside Archie’s Clubhouse

Designed by the minds behind the Neon Forest, Archie’s Clubhouse is a hyper-colour club right on the Riverbank, and the infamous Pontoon’s best iteration yet.

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  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

Harrison Raphael – or Raph, as he’s better known – has been embedded in Adelaide’s late night scene for the last six years, serving for four years with RCC and two year’s at Hindley Street’s Super California.


Archie’s Clubhouse
Adelaide Riverbank
Soft launch, Thursday, 15 November. Official launch, Friday, 16 November.

It has been a long-term goal to open up something of his own, and not short of ambition, Raph jumped at the opportunity to bring new life to the Riverbank Pontoon.

In just a few short weeks, Raph and his team have pulled together Archie’s Clubhouse – a hyper-colour club designed to mimic the best of the house party experience, designed by Dave Court and Dave Musch, the two minds behind RCC’s Neon Forest.

Archie’s candy-pink bathroom.

Walls are lined with family portraits, Archie’s bedroom is plastered with posters, his sister’s room is lined floor to ceiling with books, television sets and furniture is strewn throughout the living space and bedrooms, and, “like all good house parties,” Raph says, the real action is out the back.

At the back of the space sits a semi-sunken cubby house that will house the deejay; a yellow tin shed will host GANG GANG, who are on board to provide food; Peter Rabbit have wheeled on their caravan and will be taking care of cocktails and coffee, which will complement the offering of the Red Bull house bar; and above the lawn chairs and tables is the Mismatch basketball ring.

To say the venue is an experience is an understatement, and to say it will turn up in your social media feed heavily every weekend from now until 22 December is very accurate.

Archie’s Clubhouse will soft launch on Thursday, 15 November, before launching proper on Friday, 16 November, and will be sticking around at the Pontoon until Saturday, 22 December.


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