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November 19, 2015

A very independent Christmas: 6 Hands Studio

Stave off the anxiety of last-minute Christmas buying anxiety by visiting places on our list of independent, local retailers that have something for even the trickiest gift-recipient. This week, we visit the delightful ceramicists at 6 Hands Studio.

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  • Words: Anthony Nocera

There’s always that one person in your family that’s difficult to buy for. They have everything, or don’t need anything in particular so you can’t just walk in with a standard gift.


6 Hands Studio Guac Off and Studio Sale is taking place on the 20th of December from 12-6pm. Find them at Shop 2 / 8-12 Rosetta Street, West Croydon.

6 Hands Studios and their local, hand-made ceramics are the answer, and as an added bonus they’re also special, beautiful and designed to make a contribution to Adelaide’s activation.

Established in 2013 by ceramic artists Stephanie James-Manttan, Sophia Phillips and Alison Smiles, the Studio is unique in its ambitions to be a working space for artists, as well as a space that the entire local community can participate in and enjoy.

“The three of us met at The JamFactory,” says Alison, “we wanted to have our own independent space that was a part of the community. So we decided to find a space that was a shopfront where we could make art and still be a part of what was going on within the neighbourhood.”

Hands’ unique space allows them to create, exhibit and sell their wares in one place.

“We make everything on site. We bring a bag of clay into the shop and it comes out as a finished product in the same place for people to buy.”

Those finished products include everything from Alison’s pottery and highly decorative sculpture, Steph’s one of a kind table-wear and Sophia’s colourful porcelain jewellery and sculptural pieces.

Because of its community integration, buying from 6 Hands does more than support these three talented artists, who also use the space to support various public projects throughout the year.

“Just this morning we’re working with a local high school,” says Alison. “We’re working with kids who are newly arrived to Adelaide to make some artwork.”

“One hundred percent of what you buy from us is retained within the community. And it also enables us to do things other than create. We can do that if we have a space. So shopping local supports us in our individual careers but it also helps us grow Six Hands into something that’s a little bit bigger than just the three of us.”

On December 20, 6 Hands will be opening its doors for its ‘Guac Off and Studio Sale’.

“We’ll be open and selling things and we’re going to be having a guacamole competition. So people can just come in and have a really good time but also buy something really nice from the people who made it …  and they’ll see some of the brand new artwork that we’re installing out front of the shop.”

Giving gifts always makes you feel good. But buying from local independent retailers, like 6 Hands Studio, means that you won’t just be giving a gift that will be beautiful, but you’ll be giving a gift that will give back. So thoughtful and without any extra work … that’s the kind of Christmas we’re all about.

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