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July 1, 2020

Anchovy Bandit is hosting a plant and pastry pop-up in a new space on Prospect Road

Prospect pizzeria Anchovy Bandit is teaming up with Plant Mum to host a pop-up plant store next door to the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday throughout July.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Supplied

Tapping into the official Millennial Trifecta of plants, coffee and pastries, Prospect pizzeria Anchovy Bandit is hosting a weekly pop-up plant sale throughout July.


Prospect Pop-up Plant Sale
8am ’til 2pm, every Saturday and Sunday throughout July
1/96 Prospect Road, Prospect 5082
More info

Connect with Plant Mum:

Partnering with Plant Mum (AKA Caroline Betts), green thumbs looking for some additional indoor plant pets can browse the selection whilst enjoying coffee from Kangarilla roasters Dawn Patrol and pastries from Hutt Street newbie Mascavado.

“We work with Plant Mum, she’s looked after our plants here at Anchovy Bandit for the past couple of months,” says Anchovy Bandit co-founder Alex Bennett.

“We like the idea of it because it’s not necessarily a sit-down, pack-in café concept, it’s more grab a coffee, walk around, have a browse, and take a seat outside with your plant and your coffee.”

The plant pop-up will take place in the space next to Anchovy Bandit, at 1/96 Prospect Road, the corner tenancy of the cinema complex which formerly belonged to New Nordic.

The space will be fit out for the plant pop-up in the interim, but Alex tells CityMag the Big Easy crew have taken over the lease.

Details are scant on exactly what will come next for the space, but Anchovy Bandit will expand its shopfront to take over half the tenancy. The other half, which runs along Rose Street, will see a new daytime café concept from the Big Easy team.

“We do want to offer a daytime offering, it’s something we haven’t pulled off yet in this group,” Alex says.

“And then pizza and pasta on the Anchovy side, just expanding into mains. Obviously still staying pretty in line with our current menu, just expanding it.”

A finalised concept is still a little while off, but for now you can stop by every Saturday and Sunday throughout July, from 8am ‘til 2pm, and get your fix of greenery from Plant Mum.

“We’ll be going for the jungle aesthetic,” Alex laughs.

We were just chatting to [Caroline] about what we could do with the space while we’re still designing it and conceptualising it, and came up with the idea of doing a little café – nothing too crazy, two days a week, and throwing a sweet-arse sale in there.”


If there is even a single semi-lit corner left bare in your home, you’ve got ample opportunity to pot it out with a new best friend.

The pop-up plant store will run every Saturday and Sunday in July from 8am ‘til 2pm.

For more information, see the event page.

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