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June 28, 2016

Pack your bags

The flights to Adelaide fill up when festival season rolls around, and this is what savvy travellers will bring along to make the most of the March madness.

  • Photography: Brendan Homan
  • Art direction and styling: Lauren Bezzina and Louie Quilao


C is for Cabin bag. Only take what you carry on, because after all you won’t be long. Crumpler’s range of mid-size bags are just right.


D is for Decibels. Turn up your favourite podcasts during down time and get in the mood for the live music you’re about to see with a quality portable speaker.

CityMag012-A-Z-Extras-2-2 CityMag012-A-Z-Extras-2

E is for Extras. Hats, watches, sunglasses and scarves make sure you get there cooler than a cucumber and well before the curtain raises. And they make you look intriguing. 

CityMag012-A-Z-Faves-2-2 CityMag012-A-Z-Faves-2

F is for Faves. Your wardrobe staples – whether little black dress, white shirt or sharp sweater – should always travel with you, so you look as much like you as you’d like to.


I is for Ideas. No matter where you go, a notebook and pen should go there too, because brainwaves won’t wait.


M is for Memories. A mini polaroid camera makes instant memories, and can create a friendlier version of a business card when you meet someone you’d like to meet again.

CityMag012-A-Z-Nececities-2 CityMag012-A-Z-Nececities-6

N is for Necessities. Keep it clean with hair stuff from Evo, face stuff from Aesop and body stuff from Grown Alchemist. Nothing makes travel luxurious like getting fresh.

CityMag012-A-Z-Practical-2-2 CityMag012-A-Z-Practical-2-3 CityMag012-A-Z-Practical-2

P is for Practical. Shoes should be flat and durable for the long walk between dinner and show, but snazzy for dancing til dawn. RM Williams, Adidas x Raf Simons and American Apparel plimsolls fit the bill.

CityMag012-A-Z-Stories-2-2 CityMag012-A-Z-Stories-2

S is for Stories. Every good trip comes with an hour or two to yourself – bring some quality reads to keep you entertained while curled up at the Airbnb.

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