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December 23, 2015

Melting moments

It’s not been proven by science yet, but ice cream is quite likely the physical manifestation of joy. And since it’s summer, it’s time to eat it plentifully and for no reason other than the sun is shining and skies are blue.

  • Pictures and styling: Brendan Homan
  • Production: Natalie Homan
  • Assistant: Michelle Gan


Rainbow Island
168 The Parade, Norwood

S is for Strawberry soft serve from Rainbow Island. The Nordburger team’s soft serve sideline takes a full-blown American approach to ice cream with heaps of flavour and no holds barred on the delicious addition of sugar. 




Gelato Bello
87 Glynburn Road, Glynde

M is for Mint choc and strawberry gelati from Gelato Bello. While they have a diverse choice of flavours, we love Gelato Bello for their classics, which somehow taste just as good as you remember them from your childhood. 




Fancy Ices
31 Field Street, Adelaide

F is for Fancy Ferrero from Fancy Ices. They make the ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen. That’s it. They win, we can all go home now. PS – It tastes great, also.




Burger Theory
8 – 10 Union Street, Adelaide

V is for Vanilla bean frozen custard from Burger Theory. One of Australia’s only frozen custard purveyors, Burger Theory shows dedication to the icey cause by using top notch ingredients in their made-fresh-daily product.




218 Rundle Street, Adelaide

C is for Carrot, orange and lemon gelati from Cibo. Good gelati has as much textural appeal as good ice cream, and that – along with the bold and slightly-savoury flavour – is what sets this new option from Cibo apart. 




Bread and Bone
15 Peel Street, Adelaide

B is for Blood orange and Campari soft serve from Bread and Bone. Campari is the ultimate summer drink and the invention of a Campari ice cream surely qualifies the chefs at Bread and Bone for the category of “genius”. This bittersweet flavour has ‘refreshing’ sorted. 

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