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August 8, 2016

Cold with a chance of comfort

Rain, hail and bellowing winds are best experienced from the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine in hand and a canine for company. Set the scene this winter with our list, from A to Z, of must-have materials (and what they’ve been used to make).

  • Photography: Jonathan van der Knaap
  • Styling: Joslin Koolen at A.nouk Style and Plant Cultuur
  • Styling assistance: Lauren Bezzina and Louie Quilao

D is for Dog — Myf the dog is made from 100 per cent real dog. She is the stylist’s own but originally courtesy of Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc.

F is for Five-hundred-and-twenty grams/ m2 of Trevira CS Polyester — Which is packed into the shape of this supremely comfortable Suita Sofa by Vitra at AURA.

H is for Hemp — Woven into a Armadillo & Co Petunia rug at Terrace Floors.

O is for Organic matter — Plant life makes the inside feel just enough like the outside, and does it while looking sophisticated thanks to A.Nouk Style’s Plant Cages.

P is for Particles — And the wavelengths that together create the ambient light emanating from this Victor Floor Lamp that is available at One Small Room.


S is for Stone — Like that Katia Carletti used to make her Stoneware oil burner and sitting planter that we found at Council of Objects. (A.nouk Plant Bomb featured to the right)

W is for Walnut. Like the walnut that tops this CIT700 coffee table from Hunt Furniture, which also has lovely copper-plated legs.


G is for Grapes — Ably transformed into this Sparrows Syrah by Commune of Buttons and found at East End Wine Cellar.

K is for Kangaroo Leather — Re-imagined by Becci Bromilow as the elegant kangaroo leather clutch and purse at BB Shoemaker.

T is for Timber — Of the chestnut variety, which was shaped into this soft triangle table by Taf for Karimoku New Standard at Stylecraft


C is for Copper and Concrete — The ever versatile materials from which the Ikebana duo bud vase, Plant bomb with plant and Simplicty bud vases were formed by A.nouk. They can be found at Council of Objects.


N if for Norwegian Pink Marble — Best used to adorn the top of this Native Desk by Agostino and Brown.

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