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February 27, 2014

A-Z: Cheats for the best of Chinatown

Once again, our ever-intrepid connoisseurs of clutter, Daniel To and Emma Aiston, guide us through the change in season. Autumn is a time for nesting, and with new apartment buildings beginning to fill with new city residents, we thought a Chinatown cheat guide was in order!

  • Curated by: Daniel To and Emma Aiston
  • Pictures: Andrè Castellucci

A – Ancient remedy: Po Sum On is a Hong Kong Tiger Balm stocked in Kim Wang Supermarket. It was actually created by Daniel’s Grandfather!

B – These baskets are great for straining, but line them with greaseproof paper and they make the perfect toasted sandwich server.

C – Calpis is a bubble-free soft drink synonymous with Asian supermarkets. Its flavour is like a lemon-lime splice – creamy citrus. Yum!

D – Daikon is the king of the Asian kitchen. It’s brilliant pickled served with coriander and sashimi kingfish, but Google for other recipes and it’s sure to impress dinner guests.

E- Judging by the trays-upon-trays of eggs we see international students carrying away from the market, eggs must be the cornerstone of noodle meals. Buy more eggs, and then use them in all kinds of delicious recipes!

F- A frying ladle such as this, from Kim Wang Supermarket, is one of the best investments you can make for a new home, giving you golden crunchy everythings.

G – Set a more sophisticated table with this simple Japanese glassware from Kawaii Always $2.80.

H – The $3.80 house broom is a dream to use. Tuck one alongside your fridge to keep the kitchen tiles tidy.

I – Iced Tea varieties in Chinatown seem almost infinite. We like peach by Pokka.

Top: O, X, J. Middle: M, A. Bottom: C, I, Z, W

Top: O, X, J. Middle: M, A. Bottom: C, I, Z, W

J – Jellies, not as in the sandals, but literal flavoured jelly cups in tiny mouthful portions make for a cute mid-morning treat.

K – Kiwi knives, available from any good Asian grocer in Chinatown, are so sharp you’ll soon be cutting carrots with millimetre precision.

L – Lup Chong sausage is the “special” ingredient in every restaurant’s “special fried rice”. Buy it from Kim Wang Supermarket and follow the instructions.

M – Meiji make much more than just chocolate but just look at this chocolate bar. Delicious.

N – If you don’t know Nanna Hot Bake, please report there immediately for a hotdog with sauce and maybe a custard polo for dessert: snack-size and scrumptious.

O – Always on the cutting edge of fashion trends, expect to see Emma sporting this fabulous woven-wicker owl hat about town from now on.

Top: D, N, V, P. Middle: T. Bottom: L, E, Q, Y, R

Top: D, N, V, P. Middle: T. Bottom: L, E, Q, Y, R

P – Plum wine is available from Little Tokyo and can be enjoyed cold from the fridge or at room temperature.

Q – Quail eggs. Of course quail eggs. Get them at Kim Wang Supermarket.

R – The Tiger-brand rice cooker is the Rolls Royce of rice cookers. Don’t mess around with a microwave; invest in the best at Kim Wang Supermarket.

S – Make doing the dishes a more cheery experience with this happy little scourer from Kawaii Always $2.80.

T – You have to get this one. This is the tea they serve at restaurants on Gouger Street (possibly). Also – tea towels from Little Tokyo compliment any oven door handle.

U – Useful spoons come in many useful sizes at Little Tokyo.

V – The higher vinegar content of white rice vinegar makes it the best choice for sweet and tangy dishes and pickling vegetables (see: Daikon).

W – White Rabbit lollies are perfectly packaged little white chews with flavour and texture reminiscent of milk bottles.

X – Xenia selects this awesome cow-brand beauty soap. A happy little hand wash for the guest’s bathroom.

Y – Purchased direct from the freezer at Kim Wang Supermarket, Young Coconut drink comes shrunk wrapped with straw attached. Grab and go – be healthy!

Z – Zooland Printed Biscuits are the only option when it comes to eating your way through the A-Z of animals. Delicious, the biscuits are savoury-sweet.

Top: H, K G. Middle: U, S. Bottom: T, F, B

Top: H, K G. Middle: U, S. Bottom: T, F, B

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