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May 7, 2020

Where’s West Thebby: Music SA launches Spot the SA Bands competition

There are 90 South Australian bands and artists hidden in this illustration, and whoever can correctly spot the most will win one of 10 block-mounted copies of the poster.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Illustration: Owen Lindsay
  • Graphic: Nicky Capurso

As the refrain of 2020 goes: these are dark and troubling times – so a bit of levity will always be welcome.

Music SA has cottoned onto the global desire for fun and momentary escape, and has worked alongside Adelaide illustrator Owen Lindsay (AKA Margin Doodle, AAKA the talented individual who illustrated CityMag’s summer edition cover) to create an SA music collector’s wet dream: a Where’s Wally-style poster with hidden references to 90 South Australian bands and musicians.


Enter Music SA’s Spot the SA Bands competition here.

Connect with Music SA:

“We just thought this would be a great opportunity to entertain folk at home who are currently self-isolating, as well as keeping SA music in the forefront of everyone’s mind,” says Music SA CEO, Lisa Bishop

“The collaboration with Owen has also been important, as visual artists and graphic designers all play an important role in the live music scene with poster designs, album covers, and branding; it’s all very relevant to putting on gigs in Adelaide.”

While the aim is to keep the South Australian music industry at front of mind during the national shutdown of the live music industry, 10 talented people will get to keep a black-mounted version of this poster forever.

If you’ve got a keen eye and mentally indexed knowledge of the local music scene, head along to Music SA’s website and list all the bands you’ve found in the illustration. The bands referenced in the work span from the 1960s right up ’til today.

The 10 entrants with the highest number of correct spots will each receive the illustration as a block-mounted poster to hang proudly above their record collection (or wherever they so choose).

Zoom is your friend


It’s not just about the musicians, though – Owen has also incorporated a number of iconic music venues into the artwork, as homage to our usually bustling live music scene.

“Over the years, I’ve done album covers and gig posters for a few local bands, as well drawing illos for several Adelaide magazines, including CityMag,” Owen says.

“This big, crazy illustration was a lot of fun to do, particularly coming up with some of the more convoluted references.”

Therein lies your challenge, music fans. Go forth and spot.

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