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August 28, 2017

What to wear for dinner alone

Dining alone does not mean you should hide in a corner. Being able to stand your own company is perhaps the one true sign of being an adult - so sit ostentatiously up front of the restaurant, order something nice, and wear something to match.

  • Illustrations: Jasmin Neophytou
  • Words: Sharmonie Cockayne and Louie Quilao


The reasons to stop for a casual meal alone are many – maybe you’re on the way home from a late night at work, maybe you just need to escape your  housemate / partner / cat for one evening. But the purpose of such a meal is singular – to enjoy eating with no distractions. So make sure your clothes help you put as much food in your face as possible.

Since you’re eating local, you may as well dress local too. The Sphinx Logo tee in lemon by Jungles at Created Range features a red print, which will camouflage any wayward chilli sauce that finds its way on to your shirt.

Eating alone does not mean you have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and pretend things like fashion don’t exist. This embroidered jacket by Tailor Toyo Sukajan is available at RHD Store, and is relaxed enough in its fit to cover the inevitable stomach growth you’ll experience after eating heaps of noodles at Adelaide Pho. It’s also embroidered enough to classify you as trendy, whatever that means?

Any seasoned eater will tell you that the most important item of clothing for a successful meal is pants. Ideally, you want an elasticated waist. Bayfield pants by Jac + Jack strike the right balance between comfort and non-couch attire – they are casual and stretchy, but with enough structure to show you still care. Add an ankle cuff for extra style points.

No-one gives off a “couldn’t give a fuck what you think” vibe quite as well as Rihanna. Channel her via these Bow Sneakers she designed for her Fenty Puma collection, and vanquish any potential judgement or pity from others with the power of pure fabulousness.


You may not be feeling social, but you are feeling like the kind of delicious food and booze that can only be found in a more upmarket setting. Take our advice on what to wear when you decide to treat yourself, and no-one else.

Society is weirdly close-minded and sometimes can’t deal with the idea that you might just want to eat a nice dinner alone. The Play shirt from the Comme des Garçons Play collection is instructive – the cute little heart guy emblem will remind everyone you’re still friendly and chill, even if you like to enjoy Osteria Oggi solo.

We bet Sherlock Holmes ate alone all the time. Old mate also wore a lot of tartan, because not only was he super smart, he was also super dapper. We don’t recommend getting involved in solving crimes, but we do recommend revelling in the taste of handmade tagliatelle without the usual side of small talk while wearing this half-lined grey/blue tartan coat from AMI in tribute to Holmes – one of fiction’s greatest solo diners.

Unfortunately, formal dining means elastic waists are a no-go. But, the tapered pant by Handsom is a good compromise. They’re a relaxed fit and sit high on the torso, which means there is room for stomach expansion below the waistband.

After an excellent meal in your own excellent company, it is advisable to also find an excellent bar and have an excellent night cap. Walk comfortably to Iberia for a whisky or sherry in these perfectly understated Achilles Low shoes by Common Projects.

For all the diners

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a $10 bowl of pho, or a $40 plate of handcrafted pasta – a draft at your ankle will ruin any meal instantaneously. Ward off the winter chill with a pair of Pass Port socks from Twenty Fifty-Two and keep your ankles both classy and comfortable. 

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