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December 24, 2014

Family Lunch

The season for extended lunches with your favourite (and sometimes forgotten) cousins, aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces is upon us. Each summer we wonder why we don’t do it more and then bickering breaks out all about, but at least this year you'll do it in style.

  • Words: Joshua Fanning and Iona Maclean
  • Illustrations: Jasmin Neophytou

Whether it’s Christmas Day or a weekend away, time spent with the motley crew (your extended family) is best addressed with a sturdy survival kit.


A broad brim hat is essential. It not only helps keep you cool under the pressure of that familiar line of questioning: “when are you going to have kids?” but also acts as the perfect ‘do not disturb’ sign when placed over your face while you lay sprawled on the lawn after several too many prawns. The Bianca Adventurer hat by Akubra is a timeless classic that will weather all kinds of suspicious glances.

Similar to the hat, a pair of shades will allow you to roll your eyes without causing offence. The amber Quentin frames by Supa Sundays are good for subtle jokes that may just skim the top of your Uncle’s bald spot.

Break any ice that may have developed over the winter and help keep the tone of the day light and breezy with a piece from the Hawaii Shirt Company. Pink flamingos – how can you argue with pink flamingos?

Footwear is critical. It could be quoits, pétanque, cricket or tennis… someone is going to instigate ‘sport’ and you’re going to have to tear yourself away from the smorgasbord just long enough to tear it up on the pitch. For traction, flex and style you cannot fault the Jack Purcell cons. 

The Kit:
Rocking up empty handed is simply juvenile. Hit the family with a charm offensive and introduce them to your world with a Mismatch Session Ale for your Uncle to try and a fizzy wine by Jauma for Aunty. It might also be nice to pack some small gifts for the unsuspecting in your durable Uashmama bag – Cheese knives by Laguiole are perfect. You can neither have too much cheese nor knives for serving said cheese. Happy days.

Rules of European chic dictate that less is more and suggest black and white is always a good outfit option. However, an Australian family BBQ is about as far from Europe as you can culturally get, so why not take a risk this family festive season and wear some colour (and try grandma’s homemade sherry trifle).


Jasmin Neophytou is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Visit her website.


We all know the mercury is going to hit the high notes at this time of the year, but the family still insists outdoor revelry is the best kind. To avoid an on-show sweaty brow and the lecture from dad about sunburn, a hat is a must. 
The Drifter Wide Brimmed Hat in blue by Adelaide’s own 66 The Label is the practical and stylish answer to this problem.  Hats off to that.

When squinting in the sun to catch that backyard cricket ball, a headache is sure to ensue. Take preventative action with some sunglasses.  We love the Ray Ban Round Metal RB3447, in gold. 

Whilst we usually avoid trending prints that have an expiry date so soon they’ll curdle before your milk does, stripes are actually a classic that just happen to be enjoying a moment in the fickle sun of fashion. Adelaide label The Fifth are renowned for their stripes and have a really pocket friendly price point too.

This one is always difficult. Whilst it is too hot to wear pants, I worry that my shorts are, well, too short. If you want to avoid any judgemental brows raised in your direction, why not opt for the in-between? The midi-length trouser with a high waist and loose leg fit are finally in fashion and ready to solve our December problems.  The Harrison pant in Tomato from Reformation is super chic but feel like pajamas. Winning.

Sandals are a festive season must have. They’re light, comfortable, open and you can still move swiftly in them to get from the cheese platter to the wine table. Tony Bianco’s Gazer Sandals in tan leather are an ideal match for your comfy Reformation pants.

I am a firm believer that the bag should complement the shoes. So when going for a tan shoe, go for a tan bag or clutch. This Gorman Tanned Leather Bucket Bag is also the perfect size for stashing away the Cadbury Roses that always seem to make an appearance every Christmas or New Year for later use.

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