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March 23, 2017

The Third Wheel – Episode One

A podcast about two people who dated for six years, broke up, and still run a magazine together. It's also about the people who have to sit in between them and listen to them argue every day.

  • Hosts: Josh Fanning and Farrin Foster
  • Guest: Lauren Bezzina
  • Studio: Recorded at Maché

The Third Wheel is a new podcast produced by CityMag’s publisher (Josh Fanning) and editor (Farrin Foster), who dated for six years, and then broke up, but still have to see each other at work every day.

Each week, Josh and Farrin will talk about current events with the help of a “third wheel” – someone who has the misfortune of mediating their bickering on a regular basis. The guest for the podcast’s debut episode is Lauren Bezzina – CityMag’s design director.

Currently the podcast is only available through Soundcloud, but all being well we will set it up to use in your favourite podcast app in the near future. Thanks for listening!

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