When Adelaide steps up

March 14, 2024
Style Sample

Words: Claudia Dichiera

Pictures: Matisse Chambers

She was sitting outside at Hey Jupiter engaged in deep conversation with her friend when CityMag immediately knew she was ‘the one’ for this Festival Style Sample. After four laps of Ebenezer Place and an hour and a half of nervous dawdling, we worked up the courage to approach.

Her name is Nicole and she began to tell us, in her subtle French accent, she had been living in Adelaide for the past 19 years but was soon moving to France. She said she was sad to be leaving and would miss this edition hitting the streets.

She sat and posed for a photo while we talked about festival-wear and what was most appropriate to bring to these festivals, our topic of conversation for all Style Sample appearances.

Leaving with a warm fuzzy feeling in our heart, we realised that this is what both Style Sample and the festival season is all about: bringing people together in an unconventional way to make connections we might not make otherwise.

Nicole Rossotti

“I just bring water. I’m here, but I don’t drink alcohol.”

Xiao Xiao Wang (left)

“I bring my phone and a camera – that’s it.”


Annalise Sallemi (right)

Somebody told me once… your tattoos are your accessory. Maybe just like dumb down the outfit because that will shine — that’s my personal preference.

Matcho Cassidy (left)

“Oh, it depends on the weather, but I’d wear something loud, something that I’m comfortable in and something that I can dance in.”


Sirichai Srichalalai (right)

“For me, anything that’s comfortable to be honest. I’m quite laid back.”

Laura Salerno

“I bring my lip gloss and my phone. Lip gloss is first priority.”

Stephanie Patterson

I like to take a notebook just in case I find a moment alone… if I get a second alone, I don’t really want to be on my phone and so I kind of just have a look through a book or a notebook and write something down.

Declan Huston (left in first picture)

“I don’t wear a lot, but I run hot. It’s usually shorts, some decent trainers because I’m going to be stomping, and then probably a singlet with maybe a scarf attached to my little bum bag and some sunnies.”


Josh Mori (right in first picture)

“I have to bring a cross body bag… keeps everything in there.”

Natasha Moffat (left)

“I probably wear something like this, so like a slip dress, or I do tend to wear a baggy jean with a crop top or something. I usually like to get the girls out – my boobs.”


Christopher Arblaster (right)

“Jesus Christ, see I’m not good at this. At the moment, I just am enjoying wearing colours.”

Vas Biberias (left)

“I wear overalls, always. Overalls and some comfy shoes – something I can walk around a heap in.”


Ana De Vizio (right)

“At the moment, I’d wear some knee-high, new rock boots, some short black shorts and another sort of black see through top – that’s the vibe, lots of leather.”


This article was first published in print Issue 42 of CityMag, released in February 2024.

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