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October 18, 2023
Style Sample

Words and direction: Sharmonie Cockayne

Pictures: Thomas McCammon

Thomas and I have worked on Style Sample for about seven years of the mag’s decade-long life. If there’s one thing we can take away from our time spent watching you on the streets, it’s that you’re humble. Adelaide, you’re very cool, but you don’t like to scream about it. We don’t dress too loudly in this state, but that doesn’t mean there’s no fashion here. You just have to look a little harder, and a little longer. For this anniversary edition of Style Sample, we invited some of South Australia’s coolest, most stylish humans (just a handful – there are so many!) to turn out a look and spend a sunny spring moment around the Lion Arts Centre courtyard. Everyone was asked the same question: Where do you think ‘fashion’ will be 10 years from now? Answers were varied, but all of them given with careful consideration and a hearty discussion, just how we like it. Thanks for stopping for a chat and a photo on the street with us for all of these years, Adelaide – keep doing you.

Left: Alana (Creative Director)

“In 10 years I think that sustainable fashion will be the norm, not the exception! I think we’ll see many more circular fashion brands, recycled fibers made from plastic, and compatible clothing options.”


Right: Elaine (Manager, Fashion)

“I think the most interesting thing to see will be how sustainability and fast fashion evolves.”

Above: Dut (Student, Engineering)

“In my eyes, fashion is individual. There is always someone out there doing something that is avant-garde now, but might be considered trendy in future. However, I believe mainstream trends will be heavily affected by technology: we may see more intricate textures, fabrics and prints become mainstream as new manufacturing processes make them more readily available. We may also see clothing with digital signatures that can be worn physically and virtually — it really could go anywhere.”

Above: Raed (Junior Menswear Buyer & Social Media Coordinator)

“Will we even exist in 10 years?”

Left: Cadell (Fashion Designer)

“I hope fashion in 10 years is more circular, with high quality tailored and custom garments in a curated wardrobe replacing the following of trends and fast fashion.”


Right: Arabella (Model)

“I think fashion a decade from now will be much more androgynous and hopefully more sustainable.”

Left: Jenna (Founder, Night Call)

“I think fashion in 10 years will be even more focused on sustainability and simplicity, with an emphasis on fewer, quality items.”


Right: Roger (Photographer & Student, social work)

“I think fashion in 10 years will be mainly focused on virtual reality and, in general, making fashion more in digital format.”

Above: Rhi (Student, Languages)

With the 20-year trend cycle in fruition each decade, I think the styles of 2013 will come back into fashion. However, I think there will be a stronger emphasis on sustainability in amongst this. Maybe the patterns we used to know and love will become more evident with a mix of reusing clothes and old trends.”

Left: Ming (Designer & Creative)

“There will definitely be less separation of different styles as we all find ways to express ourselves uniquely, mixing and matching old/new, hip-hop/punk, technical with preppy style.”


Right: Vivana (Artist & Model)

“We’re seeing more of it at the moment with the shift toward slow fashion over fast fashion, sustainable mindsets towards clothes and the trends with thrifting. I think fashion trends in 10 years will focus on the sustainability of each product, and brands will continue to find better, eco-friendly ways to create, and as consumers we’ll spend more for less.”

Left: Jas (Sales Assistant)

“I think we’ll be moving away from products and brands, and towards wearable art.”


Right: Chelsey (political disruptor)

“In 10 years, I think clothes will be an investment, rather than something to be churned through with excessive trends, and sustainably shared across communities.”

This article first appeared in our 10 Years of CityMag, Spring 2023 edition, which is on streets now.

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