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July 22, 2019

CityMag Style Sample: Everyone on Moonta Street

The best dressed side street in all of ADL.

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  • Direction and annotations: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Pictures: Jessica Clark

“Nobody actually cares about authenticity anymore.”

Miuccia Prada said that recently, but we tend to disagree with her. She also said “no one talks about authenticity, with the exception of you and a few extravagant intellectuals maybe.”

It’s hard to dress with careful consideration of authenticity and aesthetic when it’s thunderously raining outside and you just need to quickly bus it into the city, grab a cheeky Nanna Hotbake and run your morning errands.

But Adelaide is a city of independent thinkers, we think, and on Moonta Street we found some extravagant intellectuals.


Robin Mok 莫世松 is selling freshly baked goods at Nanna Hot Bake today.


Sia Tam 譚雅姍 is from Hong Kong and is in Adelaide studying business.



Jayden Hu 胡桁睿 has recently finished a Masters of Applied Finance degree. He is meeting his parents for breakfast at Cibo. He is late.


Lauren Crago rode a Ride scooter here from a conference. She is on her way to Breadtop to get some lunch. She really needs a coffee.


Grace Zou 鄒乙琳 works at Beauty Generation. She is studying a Bachelor of Accounting at Adelaide Uni.


Jo Zhao‭ ‬趙文 is waiting for a friend to go have lunch with. They’re not sure where they’re going yet.


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