Cosy, comfy, cold

July 13, 2023
Style Sample

Words and direction: Sharmonie Cockayne

Pictures: Thomas McCammon

The slog has started. Early darkness has changed our daily routine. It’s so icy outside not even Uniqlo Heattech can prevent our bones from freezing. Comfort food is now everyday food, and the heating indoors is breaking us out. Suffice to say our collective wardrobe reflects this. We’re doing comfort, but we’re also making ourselves smile. Although we’re mostly sticking to knits, hoodies and oversized outerwear, we’re wearing pieces with a sense of humour to them. There’s something about a purple teddy-bear jacket or a matching puffer/boot combo that makes venturing outside into the depths of winter each day a little bit exciting.

Above: Sondre (Student, Project Management)



Below: Bonnie and Raya (Students, Masters of Landscape Design); Rory (Student, Psychology); Sherry (Businesswoman)

Above: Joefer (Student, Bachelor of IT)



Below: Ranger (Student, Business); Kudzi (Student at University Senior College)

Above: Lili and October (Student, Architecture Design)




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