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July 3, 2014

FDF: Places & Spaces

The first Future Design Friday event was a huge success and it's on again. Some great photos from June's conversation with some of Adelaide's most interesting design minds.

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  • Pictures: Andrè Castellucci

Spearheaded by Adelaide’s Jam Factory and co-presented by Stylecraft and CityMag – Future Design Fridays are monthly events based around a simple premise: that we (the public) can work it out.


Wine and good times courtesy Hither & Yon

Featuring fantastic thinkers and doers from across the broad spectrum of art and design, FDF events promise a Cliffs Notes on the past and a crystal ball on the future of Adelaide and its relationship with design.

The first event featured Grace Lin, senior landscape architect with Taylor Cullity Lethlean – the firm responsible for the re-interpretation of Tarndanyangga (Victoria Square). Hossein Valmanesh was also on the couch. An Iranian-born artist who immigrated to Australia in the 70s – Hossein has installed work across the globe but is loved (by us especially) for his work on set design for Brink Production’s fabulous ‘When the rain stops falling’.

Emma Wood, Urban designer at Oxigen as well as the Bomb Collective and Tristan Kerr all made a mark, speaking from personal experience on the themes of their practice as well as the important reaction their work received from the public.

These events are selling out in minutes.

Register your interest in the remaining FDF nights here.


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