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August 1, 2014

SALA: John Quan and Kumiko Nakajima

The subtle touch of husband and wife team MONO reassures us that some things, simple things, can be an absolute pleasure.

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  • Images and styling: Council of Objects

John Quan and Kumiko Nakajima are husband and wife. More than that though, John and Kumi operate like two parts of the one mind – and it’s truly a wonderful thing to behold.


(noun: a shade of meaning)
New works by John Quan & Kumiko Nakajima
1st – 22nd August, 2014
Council of Objects
16 Ebenezer Place

In their latest exhibition under the moniker MONO, the duo deliver Colour (noun: a shade of meaning). What this means for the objectophiles among us is that you’re heart will melt and your bank account will lighten. The series of vessels are another perfect reflection on home and homeliness. Combining John’s elegant woodwork and Kumi’s delicate glass work, this series makes you think twice about the daily processes you might otherwise take for-granted.

The exhibition is on now but the “opening” at Elise Short’s impeccable Council of Objects is next week – August 8. We highly recommend going along next Friday and meeting John and Kumi. They are every bit as wonderful themselves as the work they create.

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