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May 11, 2017

Podcast: The best of Bowerbird LIVE

Over three days, CityMag broadcast live from Bowerbird Design Market. Listen in to hear the Market's stallholders and organisers discuss design culture and life as a small business.

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  • Hosts: Joshua Fanning and Farrin Foster
  • Sound engineering: Erick Watson / Maché
  • Music:
  • Pictures: Andy Nowell

Tanya Agius from Let Them Eat. This photo Lauren Bezzina

Featuring (in order of appearance)

CityMag publisher Joshua Fanning
Jane Barwick – founder and organiser of Bowerbird Design Market
Farley Wright of Kitty Came Home
Erin Lightfoot of Erin Lightfoot
CityMag editor Farrin Foster
CityMag design director Lauren Bezzina
Dom Ossa and Nick Suggit of Dawn Patrol Coffee
Tanya Agius and Danielle Frankish of Let Them Eat
Julie Pieda of Koush Design – the interior designer of Bowerbird
CityMag senior journalist Johnny von Einem
Michael Hanley of Upswitch
Laura Wortlock of Once Was Lost

For more podcasts from CityMag see Soundcloud.


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