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May 12, 2022

‘Um, no babe!’: Ugly stepsisters say they’re beautiful, actually

In CityMag's first Rella Classified column (breaking gossip from the world of Windmill Theatre's 'Rella'), drama in an episode of 'Is This Talent?'. Musical trio SISTAHÜD was split by judges, with breakaway star Rella progressing, leaving "ugly stepsisters" Afa and Sika behind.

  • This article was produced in collaboration with Windmill Theatre Company.

Afa and Sika have slammed the producers of TV talent contest Is This Talent?, after they were humiliated on the competition’s mainstage during last week’s audition episode.


Rella Classified:
Up-to-the-minute gossip from the world of Windmill Theatre Company’s ‘Rella’ – a high octane reimagining of ‘Cinderella’ from the point of view of the ugly stepsisters.

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“Yes,” Afa reiterates to CityMag‘s Rella Classified column, “write ‘slammed’. We’re slamming them here in the press because we couldn’t full-on body slam them on the stage during the show.”

Their act, SISTAHÜD, which featured Afa, Sika and their sister Rella on lead vocals, slayed their audition. However, the judges called Rella forward and offered her a solo recording contract with Prince Charming Records on the spot. Afa and Sika patiently awaited their fate, but the judges eventually asked them to leave, calling them ‘ugly’ as they exited.

Speaking about the experience, Sika says she doesn’t know what the judges were on about.

“Look, I don’t know how you can look at people like me and Afa and see Michelle instead of Beyoncé. Or one Beyoncé, me, and a Kelly, in the case of Afa. And Kelly is still good. ‘Commander’ is a bop.”

“Hey, wait a second,” Afa interjects. “There’s nothing wrong with Michelle. She was just treated unfairly. We don’t want to be treated like Michelle.”

“Yeah, no, you’re right,” Sika agrees.

The pair high-five.

“No judge is going to tell me that I’m not fly, sexy and beautiful,” says Afa. “Like, sorry babe, that’s not a version of reality that I’m willing to accept.”

“We know how those shows are edited and how girls like us are made to look when we stand up for ourselves. As much as I wanted to go all Solange in the elevator smacking out Jay-Z, that wasn’t the time or the place.”

Rella, who has since rebranded to Cinderella, according to official reports, and Prince Charming Records refused to comment.

Rella Classified is continuing to pursue the story, so tune in again next week.



26 May—4 June, Dunstan Playhouse

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